When installing xp pro it says that it can not find any hard disk

By mt.ked ·
How do I install a 3rd party scsi driver when pressing F6 when it ask for a floppy and the laptop dose not have a floppy.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to When installing xp pro it ...

the driver on another pc and either burn it to cd or put it on a thumb drive, then install it on the laptop

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by mt.ked In reply to download

when going threw the install it will ask you to press F6 to install a 3rd party scsi driver and when it gets to point were it whants to install the driver it automaticaly
stops and says that it can not procede because no floppy drive was detected. This is a laptop with no floppy.

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Slip Stream

by TheChas In reply to F6

Search on the word Slipstream either here at TR or on the web for instructions.

You will need to create a slipstream XP install CD with the storage driver copied onto the image.

I believe you need the correct SATA driver for your laptop.

You might also check the BIOS settings and see if you can set the hard rive for an IDE compatible mode. That way, you might not even need the storage driver for the install.

Have you made sure you can find XP version drivers for all the hardware in this laptop? Some new hardware has no functional XP drivers available.


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OK as The Chas has said you need to Slipstream a Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to F6

To this end you can either follow the directions here to add the SATA Driver to the XP install Disc

Or you can use a Product like N Lite available free here

Either option works but it all depends on what you are more comfortable with.

Also you can add the remainder of the drivers for your Hardware things like the Sound Driver and Video Driver as well as any Modem and possibly Web Cam Drivers spring to mind.


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