When is Enough Enough?

By CaptBilly1Eye ·
Being somewhat bored today, I thought it was about time to do a quick inventory of all the programs and files I've accumulated over the years. Just for grins.

Here's what I came up with:

180,000+ graphic files

25,000+ MP3s

10,000+ fonts

2500+ WAV files

2200+ icons

670+ video files

635 documents

357 games

275 screensavers

267 system tools

263 graphic editing programs

252 misc. programs

245 video and audio editing programs

197 Internet tools

I think it's time to clean house! :)

What do you do with all the useless, out-dated junk you collect? Hard drives are cheap and burning DVDs and CDs is easy. But where do you draw the line and chuck junk in the circular file?

Too bad there's no way to have a digital garage sale. Program licenses are technically not transferable anyway and the other junk left over from my desktop publishing days doesn't seem to have much value to anyone but me. Up till now, the only guideline I followed for getting rid of stuff was when it was no longer usable in the current OS.

[BTW... 0 porn] ;-)

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I ask, when was the last time I used this?

by CG IT In reply to When is Enough Enough?

If I can't remember, I toss it.

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Good plan. But for me...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I ask, when was the last ...

... with my crappy memory, I'd probably end up deleting and dumping everything but Windows.


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Just hope

by .Martin. In reply to Good plan. But for me...

you don't forget what you use windows for... hehehehe...

"windows? i don't need that" 'delete'

next reboot: 'OS could not be found' "ohhhh "

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Since I began working for the college

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to When is Enough Enough?

and in a department (initially) that wouldn't get me a computer, I have been working primarily from home. Meaning of course that I have to keep all kinds of CYA stuff. All my Supplemental Instruction correspondence, exercises, planning, my supervisory things, all on disk. I recopy them every couple three years and toss the old. Complete backup .pst's from those years, too.
Now, teaching, I have to keep student records for at least three years, so theres' more STUFF. Including .pst's. Sorted by semester. The discs are piling up.
Bah. I'll be drowning in them by the time I die.

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That reminded me...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Since I began working for ...

I forgot Documents. I'll have to add that.

Yea. You're smart to keep old docs as records. How do you organize/categorize them?

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By semester.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to That reminded me...

Then by course number, then by section number. The .pst for the semester contains an Inbox organized in the same way.
I use rules to help keep my email time to a minimum. Email from so and so in course number ? section number ? goes straight to the folder for that crn and sec#. Save replies with messages is also set up.

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Each time I get a new computer....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to When is Enough Enough?

I copy everything to CD that I want to save (docs, wavs, PST files, graphics editing filters, etc...) from the old computer. When setting up the new computer, I only put stuff back on that I know I'll need. If I need to retrieve something later, it's easy to get at from the most recent CD. Occasionally, I might have to search through 4 or 5 of them to find what I want, like a specific picture. But, most is now just saved as historical data... just in case.

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That's the way I always start out....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Each time I get a new com ...

... I SAY I'm not going to load in anything until I need it. Then time goes on, a download here, a download there, new games come out, projects come up... the next thing ya know, I'm running outta hard drive space again.

I think it must be a matter of discipline.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to That's the way I always s ...

Ya just have to buy a new computer more often! ]:)

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my solution

by .Martin. In reply to When is Enough Enough?

documents and the such get backed up weekly, onto an external hard drive, when that becomes full, I will just delete the oldest copy, I also take a backup of my schoolwork at the end of the year onto a DVD (a year is like 100MB at most, usually...), as for programs, when it is no longer used, it goes...

I have only ever needed one file that i haven't saved, but I can no longer remember what it was... (and it wasn't windows!)

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