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When is it time to move on?

By debate ·
Tell us what you think about deciding when to turn down a promotion or raise and start looking for a new position, as featured in Thursday's Career Advice e-newsletter. Have you ever accepted a raise when you knew it would be better to move on? Whatdo you do when you feel like you're wasting your time in your current job?

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What do you do?

by tom.long In reply to When is it time to move o ...


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Explain it to me again please

by KsScout In reply to What do you do?

If you are settled in the community, happy with the lifestyle, found a good church etc. why is it so bad to accept a counter offer? I am missing the point somewhere along the way. Please explain it to me.

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Money doesn't solve the issue....

by SheilaU In reply to When is it time to move o ...

Have had positions before where the money was great but the company/job was horrible. I took a significant cut in pay to accept my new job over my previous one, and I've never been happier. Sometimes, you have to look past the money and do an inventory on your life. If you're miserable, more money isn't going to fix it.

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quit whining

by itguy In reply to When is it time to move o ...

I am an IT Project and business manager. I have come up through the ranks and hold MCSE and MCP+I as well as security and Novell certs. I was laid off last October and cant "buy" a job. (Midwest is worse than other areas). Quit whining about having nothing to do. You are at least employed.


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It seems you are Whining

by FluxIt In reply to quit whining

The debator asked a legitimate question. Your response was more like whining. I imagine you will have a job as soon as your unemployment expires. Imagine that! Perhaps you ought to try Florida where **1 devastated the tourism industry. There are no IT jobs here either.

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When it no longer fits your needs

by maxwell edison In reply to When is it time to move o ...

When you no longer feel fulfilled, challenged, or otherwise satisfied with the way you're spending your time on the job, then it's time to move on to other things. Money should not be the determining factor. If one were to ask the questions, "Whatdo I want out of my job?" and "What do I want out of my life?", the answers to both questions should lead you in basically the same direction. If you find yourself in the circumstance where the answers take you in different directions, then it's time to reevaluate both, change one or the other (or both), accordingly and reestablish your goals and priorities.

I think that a lot of professions are filled with people who are basically stuck in their jobs even though it doesn’t coincide with how they’d like to live their lives. And, for a variety of reasons, there’s not a whole lot they can do about it. But the “IT profession” (and that is indeed wide in scope) affords that opportunity. I think that it’s much easier for people to have it both ways.


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Never take a counter offer

by tom_linv In reply to When it no longer fits yo ...

If you have found another job and turned in your notice to your current employer, never take a counter offer. It will only lead to a bad situation later. You will wonder why you had to threaten to leave to get the raise. Your employer will feel like he was black-mailed into giving it to you. It is better to have a clean break. Less problems in the long run for you..

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Re: When it no longer fits your needs

by kpfreelance In reply to When it no longer fits yo ...

That's where I am right right now; I've got a CNE & a CCNA and I'm still stuck in a deadend 2nd tier support gig. I've got about 10 years experience in client/server support but no one will give me the time of day when it comes to an opportunity to work in network operations.

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Don't let anyone kid you...

by TomSal In reply to Re: When it no longer fit ...

..but luck often plays a bigger in hand in the opportunities one has than most people will admit. Most people want to sound like they are super talented or gifted and they are "the ONE" kind of deal when they talk about how they got that great job they have. "Because I'm just that good....yadda yadda"....

Now before you (or anyone reading this) gets the wrong impression here- Hard work and determination has an ENORMOUS impact on swaying things into your favor. None the less though, I don't believe I'm some gifted person or even some very smart person just because I know how to run a few software packages, configure routers and administer a network, etc. - it's just stuff I do because we all have to work to pay our way in life so we needto do something we enjoy doing. That's all it is.

I know several people in the IT field (in the "real world" and the "online world") and a good bit of their stories of how they landed jobs varies from hitting job fairs and mailing resumes relentlessly to networking (the social kind) with family and friends. I myself landed my current job from just networking with family and friends. The power of "my friend know's this guy who's dad is the VP of SOMEREALLYBIGCOMPANY, Inc...." is tremendous.
I don't believe anyone is better than me - and no one should believe that. Rather I admit that the people who know more than me or have greater skills than me - they worked harder than I do and are more dedicated than I at it.

I doubt this little bit will help you any, but just letting you know....


good luck.

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honesty finally

by qba98 In reply to Don't let anyone kid you. ...

TomSal speaks truths that most people's ego just won't let them admit--not even to themselves.

The fact is people get breaks all the time. Sometimes they get breaks for looking a certain way, knowing a certain person, or just lucking up and being at the right place at the right time.

Truth be told, I?ve won wrestling titles largely because of the brackets at the tournament, or my opponent made a stupid mistake. I wasn?t so great. The job market is the same way.

I?ve seen people with resumes so good it would make a grown man cry, and yet they can?t even get an interview. Meanwhile, some halfwit who will stay out of the way and satisfies the warm body requirement gets hired. I?ve seen it done, first hand

One day your skills are in demand, the next day people won?t return you phone calls. It comes and it goes.

Think about this:
If Bill Gates were to die today, the world would continue without skipping a beat, believe it. And he runs one of the most powerful companies on the planet! What do you do?

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