When is it time to reimage a PC?

By j.candelaria ·
Hey everyone, just have a general question regarding reimaging a workstation. When do you absolutely know when to implement a new image as to replacing a hard drive. Is there certain steps to do before you reimage??


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by Bizzo In reply to When is it time to reimag ...

I'd suggest testing the harddisk and if it's ok, no bad sectors etc., but the OS fails, then reimage. If the disk fails then replace.
I don't think there's really any hard and fast rule about it, but if the disk is faulty, get rid, if it isn't there's no point in spending to replace it.

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by Jbencsik In reply to Test

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to run chkdsk and defrag before reimaging the machine.

I'll probably re-image my machines, if no problems occur, once a year. I'll create a new image with all the latest updates and whatever new software needs to be rolled out then push that out.

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Maybe this will help.

by andy In reply to When is it time to reimag ...

PCs are usually rebuilt if there is a problem that is expected to be resolved by the rebuild.

See this guide.


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