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    When is it time to say I quit?


    by s_hunnicutt ·

    About two years ago my company got a new Manager, this manager was working at the company 4 years before that. So we all new what he was capable of doing? At most nothing, his job has always been passed on to other people to do. Well now the time has come for the company to give out incentives, based on a proformance eval. Well the incentives have been given, but there was no interview or meeting to discuss the ratings. But for two years now everyone at my current office an all the smaller branches and even my HeadQuarters has complained about this guy in charge. Since I am IT I am not allowed to help out the other departments with their tasks cause I am IT, I do not know the business.
    My raise is over due by 9 months now, some of the other people in the office are coming up on one year overdue. His attitude is simple, do as I say ask me no questions, and give me my respect. Just wondering if there are any ideas on how to handle this


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      Support group

      by dc_guy ·

      In reply to When is it time to say I quit?

      About the only way to deal with this is to be patient. Hope that eventually the executive staff will notice the problem and solve it.

      Problem is, it’s very unlikely that they don’t know there’s a problem. That means they’re all in on it. He could be somebody’s friend or relative, or he could be blackmailing someone. That’s the reason you have to be very careful before you decide to walk into some exec’s office and start complaining. They may have an unfathomable reason for keeping him, but not so for you.

      Some situations simply cannot be resolved. You have to decide what your tolerance level is, and then decide whether you like this job well enough as it currently is, to be willing to stay there.

      Just don’t think that leaving and going somewhere else will be a magic carpet ride. All jobs have their pros and cons. There is an increasing number of complaints like yours right here on the TR board.

      As Drew Carey once said, “Oh, so you hate your job? Hey, there’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY. They meet after work at the bar.”

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      Easy answer

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to When is it time to say I quit?

      Find another job and take it as soon as you get it.

      However remember that you are most likely only trading one set of problems for another unknown set. But if you find the place unbearable then it’s time to move on.


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        great advice!

        by lumbergh77 ·

        In reply to Easy answer

        There’s no such thing as a perfect job. Hang onto your job for as long as you can tolerate it, then it will be time to make a move.

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      Can’t get help if you don’t ask.

      by mikel~t ·

      In reply to When is it time to say I quit?

      If the “manager” you reference is the top dog at the company, there isn’t much you can do to get this resolved. My best friend was at a small company that didn’t give him his review for 6 months because they were going to let him go after his last project was completed…What I’m trying to get at with this little anecdote is that there are plenty of reasons why reviews can be late. No money is usually at the top of the list…no time to complete the reviews is usually 2nd…and sometimes the Supervisor or Manager just doesn’t care.

      If you have a direct supervisor, talk to them first…express your concerns…ask if they can do anything to help. If you don’t feel they are helping you…go to your HR deparment…tell them you’ve talked to your supervisor to no avail…if you don’t have an HR department, and your supervisor is powerless to get anything done…it is time to move on.

      Be sure to get in writing what the review policies are for employees at your new employer.

      I’ve been in the situation you are describing with your review, and I wish I would have left sooner.

      I’m sure you got enough experience in your current environment that you can find something better.


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        Reply To: When is it time to say I quit?

        by s_hunnicutt ·

        In reply to Can’t get help if you don’t ask.

        Thats just it we have asked for help on all levels of the company. Starting with the problem manager, giving him time, then going up and up and up. But unfortunately I am not the only one feeling this in the company. Out of a staff of 7 contract 3 temp, 5 contract employees want to leave by next year, 3 have already left this year, and were replaced by temp staff.

        I have found a new job at this time and I would really love to leave but, I have some personal things that I have to wait for before I can leave. But I agree there are the good and bad at all companies, the difference is is how the company will handle the bad when it is faced with it.

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      Offer to Help

      by greenpirogue ·

      In reply to When is it time to say I quit?

      Schedule a meeting with the guy, and if you are really overdue by nine months, point it out and ask, “Is there anything I can do to get this moving along?”

      If things don’t progress, move on.

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