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When is trumpeting your own product appropriate?

By Synthetic ·
A conversation was recently started concerning how great GMAIL is, search the forums for the topic GMAIL MORE SPACE. The individual who stated this thread, claimed to be head of marketing for Goggle, which creates GMAIL. Due to this, instead of a positive discussion on the merits of GMAIL, or lack thereof, the discussion degenerated into a minor flame out without no real information being discuses. SO here is my question, when and how, and where is it appropriate to discuss the merit of a product you have either helped to create or has been created/marketed/distributed by a company your employed by? How much information should a person involved in said situations provide about themselves? It can be so very frustrating to come across big cheerleader pieces by major department heads about a new product, but at least when they clearly state who they are, a person knows it a sales pitch (and lord knows those of us in IT don't get a-freaking-nough of that). What I find more insidious are those who disguise their identity and act like a user in love with a product. I find this happens way to much, especially on sites such as CNET's Thoughts? Experience? Buehler? Thanks for your time, have a great day!

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This is not a site for free ads.

by DC_GUY In reply to When is trumpeting your o ...

I'd use the PBS guideline. Say who you work for, say what they sell, say you're proud of it. If it's something really esoteric that people might not know about, then perhaps it's okay to add a couple more sentences. Anything more than that and you're abusing the forum.

I know people are gun-shy about people touting their own employer's products. I often get accused of working for Apple because I'm so outspoken in my criticism of Grungeware and the whole user-hostile PC architecture. But I have no connection to Apple at all except I bought one of their computers, which I love dearly, and also some of their stock, which might enable me to retire some day.

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by Synthetic In reply to This is not a site for fr ...

Good luck on the retirement, depending on how things go with the "current" state of social security, it maybe all that stands in your way of the Hollywood hills, and skid row.
...but seriously. I agree, and like the terminology of the PBS model. I have no qualms with someone hyping their won product, as long as they are completely honest about their integration with it, and to a lesser extent they provide a balanced opinion. There's the rub. Even as an Apple enthusiast, if you can't step back and provide honest feedback of both pro's and con's, it's leaves ones argument with less weight. Those in the know will question blind commitment, and the glossing over of less than perfect product aspects. I am more likely to take seriously, and buy, information that comes fully, or proportionally disclosed. If I speak with a sales person and later research uncovers limitations I should have been aware of, I will normally dismiss the product outright. If instead, I am made aware of all operational issues, I feel I can seriously judge the product and person, and then take the needed steps to find product X that will allow product Y to integrate. This seems to be a problem in marketing, no less that of technology. While the uninformed consumer might bite, the people pushing their product as the end all be all should know we (experienced IT folks) are not so gullible and saying as much is insulting.

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to When is trumpeting your o ...

While it may be a little obnoxious for a company to toot its own horn in discussion forums, at least it is ethical, as long as they state their identity. Don't ask me what I think of companies who falsely represent themselves as happy customers.

Craig Herberg

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As General Sir Cecil Hogmanay Melchett

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Marketing

said they are the
"Crowning turd in the water closet".

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When its clear

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to When is trumpeting your o ...

that thats what you are doing. As this is a site about IT where opinions about IT are critiqued and potentially recommended, reeling out a pile of marketing bs as an opinion is gross misrepresentaion.
I'll happily recomend 'your' products which have met certain of my needs, I think it would unethical in the extreme to recommend my products without making it clear that this was definitely for my benefit and potentially yours.

Besides is TR's adspace that expensive ?

Personally I just treat anyone who does it here without saying what they are doing as a goddamn spammer, if there is a more/as suitable product on the market, they are going to get a sale before I give money to a spammer.
They don't actually think we believe the marketing hype do they ?

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by Roger99a In reply to When is trumpeting your o ...

If we tolerate even a little free advertising here marketing will soon take over and ruin the forums. We should continue to ridicule the "marketting" guys. That being said, if someone should ask about a product you like then please say so.

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but then

by Jaqui In reply to Never

answering a question about a product isn't marketing hype,it's offering opinion on a product, when it was asked for.
which is completely different than starting a "discussion" to sell the product for your boss / company.

unless the discussion is article based or a qestion about suitability, or non it, why bother clicking on it?
like those movers discussions.. I read one, saw it was advertising, now don't bother reading any discussions started on the subject.

since I have no interest in having a gmail account, I tend to ignore discussions about them.

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