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when it all began.

By rh05 ·
when was business info. systems introduced to the world?

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when it all began.

by pschuvie In reply to when it all began.

Well this is one that takes you back across the history of mankind and really depends on the scope definition of Business Information Systems that you use.

In the broadest sense buiness information systems would be an organized method for gathering, recording and utilizing information necessary to the operation of the business.

In this sense we go back in human history to the beginnings of trading and commerce. And this takes us back to times of foundations of civilization. The great cultures (Greek, Roman, Chinese, etc.), the origins of numbers, counting and writing, developement of mathmatics, and probably a bit further to just trading in general. How did human history keep track of what they had, what did they help them to keep track of it and how did they transact business.

The stages of business information systems would include human numerical (writtin down - paper), mechanical (devices - abacus, calulating and recording machines), electro-mechanical (Eniac and Univac) and digital(modern computing devices).

Most buiness information systems have their historical basis in accounting and have expanded from there to include all information and actions needed to operate the buiness.

Some important reference points in this journey would include


mathmatics - pascal (just one of many)




Hope that helps and enjoy the journey - lots of facinating things along the way.

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by tjc In reply to when it all began.

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