When log on get someone elses H drive

By ghill ·
When someone is logging onto the system they are getting the previous persons H drive. I has been happening for a few weeks and we have recently found another establisment having the same problem. Could it be a virus or worm?
Can anyone help us?

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re: H drive

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to When log on get someone e ...

Do your scripts take care of disconnecting the old H drive upon loggin off? Do your scripts have an error message built in so that if they can not create H drive when logging in (because it's already there), it flashes a message?

You'll need to provide far more information than you have so far. We aren't psychic and can't see your setup from here.

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H Drive - more info

by network In reply to re: H drive

Sorry, this tread was started by my ICT Co-ordinator. Here is much more info:-

On a number of PCs (27 at the current count) there are more than one ?user? logged on. I put the word user in quotes because one of these has the PC?s name followed by a $.

In these cases, when the legitimate user logs off (even thought I have created a logoff script to disconnect all their network drives) the next user gets ?disconnected drive? on at least two, sometimes more, but not usually all of their network drives, one of these being the home drive. The new user can then access the previous user?s home drive.

When the second user logs off, the same happens again, but the third user can still access the FIRST user?s home drive!

It almost looks as if, when the user first logs on to the PC, the PC itself also logs in and retains all of their information. The PC does not log off until it is rebooted. Then the process starts again.

Also, when the real user logs off, the ?PC User? remains logged on.

I also have one instance of there are one ?PC User? and 4 users logged on!

As a bit of background:
The home drive is associated via AD
All other network drives are allocated in a logon script
All network drive associations (including the home drive) are deleted in a logoff script.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to H Drive - more info

bump up - Maybe one of the network people will see it.

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