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When members take a break where do they go?

By XnavyDK ·
My last post was sometime in April of 09.
where did I go?

well, lets see. as some of you know I work for this company, A great company. My home away from the Navy. Its just like the Navy in many ways. Anyway, I am the IT guy, I do everything some of these IT shops do with many people I do with one people. From user tech support to digging a ditch to lay the cat5 in to a new building. Did i hit the sewer line yes I sure did, but it was an experience. I learned that you much call some people before you dig for just that occasion. Anyway, so needless to say I am a very busy person. Dealing with users and servers and network problems and virus's and firewalls and lions and tigers and bears. Stumbleupon... I found a GF.

I see I missed a few things. I am sure there is more I have yet to see that I missed but for starters.

I missed the conference
I missed Old MC passing, fair winds and following seas Old Mycroft.
I don't know if JD got his stuff together
I see palmett is still giving out the greatest advice.
and a few others I used to follow also doing well.
I'm still reading... I need time to catch up.

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My gaming clan

by JamesRL In reply to When members take a break ...

I posted the story here a few weeks back. I belong to a clan of gamers who play the Battlefield series. One of our members took a break to go serve in Afghanistan, he came back with a Silver Star and one of his company got a Medal of Honor. Kinda made us all humble.


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Awsome James

by XnavyDK In reply to My gaming clan

Good to hear from you , thanks for the update!
any trip to a war zone is humbling. Congrats the the friend. Its one thing to hear about it, its another to be it.

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His attitude was amazing

by JamesRL In reply to Awsome James

He apologised for not keeping in touch, he had lost his personal items, including a laptop.

Edited to fix URL

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I really dont know why

by XnavyDK In reply to His attitude was amazing

I stopped posting and even reading. I just got caught up in quite a few things and just failed to keep up with TR. I used come in to work and first thing I did was open my trouble ticket tab, TR tab, and then all after that. some times I didn't get past the trouble ticket tab... I got lost along the way some how.

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Grab a good book

by TheProfessorDan In reply to When members take a break ...

I like to get 100% away from technology sometimes and reading does that for me.

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Everywhere and no where

by jdclyde In reply to When members take a break ...

Life has had it's ups and downs.

Work is down, everything else is up.

Most of my time is spent volunteering, between band parent council, the sports booster club, and helping with the athletic teams, there hasn't been a lot of free time.

Have stopped in and out of TR, but as the focus of the articles seems to have shifted away from the lowly tech, there isn't a lot of things here to hold my attention.

Lots of walks down by the river and less time on a computer, for both business and pleasure.

Oh, been doing some of the FB stuff too, and many of the regulars are there.

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I kinda

by XnavyDK In reply to Everywhere and no where

looked at your situation and poured myself a cup of realization. I could be out of a job with no warning and not having done anything wrong. such is business. I think I am safe tho since I am the only one of my kind here. and i mean that loosely.

am glad your enjoying life.

I put down WOW and got myself a girlfriend/fiance' we have been talking about marriage. Just about the same time i last posted on TR go figure. SO I guess i have rejoined the world of the living again as it appears you have done.

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Safety is an illusion

by jdclyde In reply to I kinda

I WAS the only one that knew the networking and security but still found myself hitting the bricks with only that day to pack my stuff.

Lucky for them I am not a vindictive person, as I know of at least five avenues into their network that they never disabled, one for each location, that I had used for remote support and they KNEW of, but not knowing my job, have no idea how to shut down.

The same is true for the dozen people that followed me out the door over the next year, as I KNOW their VPN access never got disabled either.

Sucks to be them, as one of these people I am sure is going to sooner or later do something stupid. I am keeping my distance and want nothing to do with it.

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"I see palmett is still giving out the greatest advice."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to When members take a break ...

Smile when you say that, pardner; them's fighin' words!

In addition to Old Mycroft, in December we lost the split personality of w2ktechman / The Scummy One.

You may have missed the '09 conference, but the '10 conference will be in Louisville, KY in late June. The details are around here somewhere...

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TR Loss

by C F USA In reply to "I see palmett is still g ...

Was definately a loss, I took a break for a few months and come back to find out (just today) that two of my favorite commenters were gone. RIP Gentlemen

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