When offline cannot log-on - cannot find company domain

By malssllp ·
Several users have reported when working offline at home they can no longer log onto their laptops. They are receiving a message that the Company Domain cannot be found however if they use one of the firm admin accounts on the same pc they can log onto the domain and connect via vpn as themselves.
This just started happening within the last 3-4 weeks without any common bond between the reports other than they are laptops. Models vary as well as office/city/country.
If the user brings the laptop into the office and connects via the LAN line they can log-on and then things work fine after that.
We are running Windows XP SP2.

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This does not happen after they change their password while connected?

by robo_dev In reply to When offline cannot log-o ...

Because then their cached credentials do not get synchronized.

It sounds like the real issue is that the cached credentials are not being updated over their VPN connection, no?

Below is a link to a script that helps users to force local credential sync over VPN:

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You are not alone

by oschmid14 In reply to When offline cannot log-o ...

Same is happening to me on 2 different laptops, both running XP SP2. It all started to happen with in the last week.
Anybody has any idea what is going on here. I am still able to logon as local Admin, but my encrypted documents under my domain user profile are no accessible this way.

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by clarkd038 In reply to You are not alone

when they log on outside of the company domain then VPN into the company..

They should only be logging into that local laptop, The administrator account is the only one that will work because as stated cached crudentials. So if you create a local account on that laptop for whomever uses it and have them log on with that everything should be fine.

This way they are not trying to log on to a domain that is unavailable to them from home, untill they VPN in and will have access.

Hope this helps.

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Solution that worked for us

by malssllp In reply to When offline cannot log-o ...

We found that by logging onto the laptop with one of the admin accounts, connecting to the network via vpn then doing a run-as on one of our office apps (winword.exe, etc.) the users' network creditials were re-established. Then the user can log into the laptop as themselves while offline.

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