When opening attachment "OPEN" button does not appear

By satishbeh ·
When I try to open an attachment, a screen appears asking what action to be taken ie. to Open Save or Close the attachment.
For some attachments the Open button does not appear, only the Save button appears. As a result I have to save all attachments to the computer which takes a lot of space.
Can anyone suggest the reason for this?

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Most likely answer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to When opening attachment " ...

Whatever OS you are running, together with whichever email system you use, between the combination of the two of them some of your attachments are beyond the capabilities of your system.

Since you haven't provided any details I can't venture further since any proposed solution would only be a guess.

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Possible Causes

by Mohamed_elliethy In reply to When opening attachment " ...

I assume that you can run those attachments after you save them to your computer.

The whole idea is that there may be no associated application to automatically run this types of files, that's why it does not have the open option, so you have to save it to your computer then run it from some software that can run these files.

if you supply us with what types of files that you encounter this issue with, we might be able to give you a specific solution for your case.

Note: whether you use open or save, the file is actually saved on your computer and is going to consume the disk space anyway.

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by satishbeh In reply to Possible Causes

The photo is a .jpg file. Photo editor is the default application used to open this file. This appl exists on the computer

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JPG files are normally blocked as an attachment that can be opened.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Reply

This is a security setting. It's normal. What are you using to view your email with? Have you looked at the options to see if that security setting can be changed?

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The same attachment opens in another computer

by satishbeh In reply to JPG files are normally bl ...

I am using Yahoo mail. When I save the .jpg file and then try to open, it opens. In order to save time, I would like to open it directly.

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Look at your browser settings.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to The same attachment opens ...

Like I said, there's a security setting which prevents opening them. You can open them on another computer because the settings and possibly the version of patches/updates are different. The newer stuff will, by default, prevent you from opening them. Look at the difference between the two computers.

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