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    When server Restored, Server Crahsed


    by ziqbal452 ·

    Hello dear Fellows

    i have a Sever with 4 NICs and and this is our domain controller like name is Server1, domain name

    i take a back up of this server on USB, that include system sate also.
    the orignal server is crashed and i prepare another server wid same (server1)name but with 1 NIC,SP2 is also installed on both servers.

    i boot the new server as normal and run the NTBACKUP utility and restored from USB stored backup file, all the process run fine but when server is going to restart after restoring , it crashed and windows restart again and again ..

    i login in new server through local administrator and new server is not part of domain and its stand alone server wid SP2.

    where i did a mistake…
    can any one help me in this regards and guide me step step requirements and neccessary actions
    thaknx in advance


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      If you repost this as a Question you’ll get responses to this question

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to When server Restored, Server Crahsed

      As people who look at the discussions don’t always look at the Questions and vise versa. You’ll also get a auto generated Response sent to you every time that some one posts a answer to your question so it’s faster.


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