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    When should you quit programming?


    by leonardwilliams12345 ·


    Ever since I started working as a programmer I have found it pretty difficult. The issue is simply that I can not work at the speed that is expected of me. Everyone else seems to get their code completed much faster. I end up having to work evenings and weekends, and even then, I am still almost always behind on my deadlines. I am starting to think maybe I’m not cut out for programming, and I should quit. I started my most recent job about three years ago, and I was hoping I would get better over time, but it seems like I am still not up to speed. I really wish managers would just let me complete work in my own time.

    In my defence, I do feel that I haven’t had much opportunity to develop my skills. I have only actually worked on a few projects from start to finished. Mostly I have been asked to do cases and modifications. I had another job previously, but I was mainly doing bug fixing and testing, and before that I did a one year masters course in computer science, without any previous background in computer science. The course itself only involved coding on maybe a quarter of the modules.

    Maybe I should find a new line of work, but I am now in my early thirties and I am getting really tired of spending so much time and energy trying to carve out a career for myself. I’d like to find some to marry and maybe start a family, which is not very likely to happen if I’m spending all my time working.

    Any advice or thoughts?

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      Most people expect to be paid for their time.

      by rproffitt ·

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      I worry that you are donating your time to this job.

      As to programming and coding skills, not everyone is a master. If your work expects you to do work for free, it’s time to move on. This is called wage theft.

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