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When therewere no computers or smartphones, was college easieron techrepu?

By tejasvansh156 ·
I’m a first year college student and I’m definitely not new to technology but it’s all pretty overwhelming, the site we are using has our class assignments and syllabuses all over the place and I have to check my student email and all my notifications every day at home all the time to see if anything changed or was assigned before the actual class starts.

I’ve just been wondering what college was like before all this technology, I imagine it being much easier with just about everything in person on techrepublic
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Re: college

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to When therewere no compute ...

Before all this technology, there was no at all.

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Sounds like schools today.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to When therewere no compute ...

I don't see anything different than pre-computer days. Profs expected you to "check the board" for changes. Even if that meant you walking down to their office.

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When I went through college,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Sounds like schools today ...

it was worse than just having to check the bulletin board daily, it also meant hours and hours of research by hand at the library, making handwritten notations for references, checking my handwritten notes from class lectures/labs. Then taking all of that research material, putting together handwritten rough drafts, hand checking for spelling/grammar errors, then typing research papers on my typewriter! In some of my classes I had to turn in my reference notecards along with my paper, just to prove I had done the research.
Students now have access from their dorm room or from whatever living quarters to a VAST amount of knowledge at the touch of a few keys...what is sad, to me anyway, is many don't use it. Instead they come here and other websites and post homework questions and get POd when they are told to do their homework!

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The modern version.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to When I went through colle ...

Of "do your homework" are: "google it" and "RTFM."

Even then there are areas that folk need help with today. Just last week I think I worked on a handful of systems that your average techs failed to fix but experience paid off. Sometimes what folk google is not understandable. Example? WiFi networking. Most folk don't want to get into all that you need to know.

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no computer or smartphone

by puneetaryson In reply to When therewere no compute ...

When there will be no computer, or smartphone on the college campus, as we know that the technology saves time and cost. Technology plays a very important role in every industry, Whether it's a college, office, or any organization. If we have to do work, Then it will take too much time.

For me, technology should be there in every organization

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