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When to draw the line..Remove all the trojans/spyware/bugs

By Bapster ·
or wipe, reload and reinstall everything.

I am running into systems all the time so infected with rogue antivirus programs, trojans, viruses, mal/spyware out the yang.

I first make a concerted effort to remove the infections, but there has to come a stopping point where you just have to say "That is enough" run DBAN to completely wipe, reinstall OS, ,etc... etc...

What are your guidlines?
As well what is in your virus removal arsenal?

I use a combination of AVG, SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes to get rid of the worst cases. (sometimes these even fail)I find myself reverting to Linux boot disks and UBD4Win to boot around the OS, but still have trouble in some instances getting all the bugs cleaned out.


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A squiggly, dotted line

by CharlieSpencer In reply to When to draw the line..Re ...

It depends on lots of factors.

How much trouble is it going to be to rebuild it? Do you have an imaging utility? How much customization is required? Is there a lot of data to extract before you can rebuild?

Can you give the user a loaner while you work on the infected system?

What other projects do you currently have going? Do you have the time to spend on this system?

Me, if I can't get it cleaned up to my satisfaction in 2-4 hours, I re-image it.

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It depends on the environment

by JackOfAllTech In reply to When to draw the line..Re ...

When in a corporate environnment, if it's going to take more than an hour to fix, wipe and re-image.

In a home environment, it again depends on how well organized the user is. If it will take longer to find and backup all the personal data files than it would to fix it, then don't re-install.

On all my family and friends machines, I enforce a policy that the C: drive is for OS only and they know that if I have to re-install the OS, I'm not going to be looking for or saving anything on that drive.

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for me

by .Martin. In reply to When to draw the line..Re ...

I choose which ever takes the least amount of time.

most of the time it will only take a few hours to reinstall windows and everything.

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