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When to replace older windows XP and windows Vista/7 machines.

By danielinthelionsden ·
I'm working for a business which as far as I can tell has never had a computer hardware refresh plan. Replacement only occurs as a result of a complete failure of a machine. My task is to develop a plan for replacing current outdated machines (many of which desperately need to be replaced). I would like to say we'll just replace anything 5 years old or older plus some of the 3 to 4 year old computers as budget allows but I have no records for how old computers are. It's just my best guess based on the specs. To complicate matters we have a hodgepodge of systems some are nice custom built machines and some $299 Walmart specials (or the equivalent from Staples or Best Buy). Thus some of the older computers are actually nicer than some of the newer ones.

What I'm trying to do is develop a set of minimum requirements for systems. Anything below those requirements get replaced. I have one set for XP and a different set for Vista/7.

In my opinion the requirements from Microsoft are way too low so I've put together the following. Most of our users are using internet, Microsoft office, FileZilla, UPS world ship, and similar software.

Here are the requirements I've come up with. Again anything below this line gets replaced. Thoughts?

- 512 MB Ram
- 1 GHz Pentium 4 or 1GHz AMD Athlon
- 80 GB hard drive
- DVD Rom

- 1 GHz Core Two Duo
- 100 GB hard drive
- DVD Rom

Monitors: 17 inch LCD

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