When to upgrade Adobe products

By Derek Schauland Contributor ·
It seems like adobe is always releasing things and I am not sure what the lifecycle should be for CS3.

I have a user requesting pricing for CS4 so the application can be upgraded, but I am not sure the upgrade is needed just yet as we havent been on CS3 that long.

Any tips for determining the best schedule for stuff like this?



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When a NEED for new/improved features comes up...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to When to upgrade Adobe pro ...

... If there is a real need for new or improved features, then upgrade it. If the older program is no longer supported, then upgrade it. Or, if the old version will no longer run on a newer OS, then upgrade. What is this employee's justification for 'needing' the newer version?

You have to weigh the pro's and con's of the expense against the needs. Can this individual do his/her job without the upgrade? Would upgrading provide a means of this individual doing his/her job better/quicker? Or, does this individual just want to play with the new bells and whistles?

Sure, we would all like to run the latest and greatest versions of everything we use. But, operating costs vs productivity improvements have to be taken into account. That is, unless you have an unlimited budget, in which case, of course you should upgrade it.

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I think..

this is a bells and whistles upgrade. It is likely because our marketing staff heard that the agency is upgrading, but being their customer they should support us longer than a few weeks to a few months after the next relesea of some application.

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