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When to upgrade to Server 2003

By chrisxs5 ·
I was told the other day that we need to upgrade to Server 2003 form 2000. I dont see the point in this as "if its not broke, dont fix it." What are some reasons I should consider to do this.

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Only one valid reason to EVER make any changes.

by stress junkie In reply to When to upgrade to Server ...

I agree with your position. If it's not broke then don't fix it. These days you have to temper that rule with the reality that you have to apply software patches when they are availble. Otherwise, if your system is working then leave it alone.

There is EVER only ONE valid reason to make ANY changes in a business IT environment. That reason is that you have identified a business need to make the change.

Your post implies that you are suspicious of the reason, if any, that someone told you to upgrade. You are right. If you ask some people why they want to upgrade to a new version of a product they will say something like "There's a new version available so we should use it." That is NEVER the reason to upgrade or modify your environment.

Some valid reasons to upgrade are if the vendor no longer supports the version of the product that you are using or if the new version of a product has a feature that you need and isn't available in the current version of the software. These types of reasons mean that the business will materially benefit from upgrading.

Performing a product upgrade is almost guaranteed to create problems for you and, more importantly, for the end users. Whether the problems come from glitches in implementing the new system or if problems arise from a new interface for the end users changes often mean loss of productivity to the end users. It's also annoying to the end users when computers don't work smoothly and predictably. This undermines the reputation of the IT department among the end users.

Remember that the IT department only exists to help other employees to do their work. End users are the reason that we have a job. We need to do everything possible to make their experience of using the business computers as easy and reliable as is possible. That means that we should assess any change in light of how it might cause problems for the end users.

I hope that my post might give you some ideas about how to respond to the person that told you that you need to upgrade your environment.

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