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When to use COM objects ?

By alee ·
I used a lot of COM objects in my projects and this is because my mentor previously loved COM objects. I share the same preference as in a way I get to utilise my VB skill to develop web applications and in control of the business rules and data handling.
A new Architect comes in and tells me that what I have been doing is wrong and outdated and all the COM objects shall be replaced with ASP pages and Stored-Procs.
Is there really no need anymore to develop COM objects and in what situation is it good to use COM objects.
Is there a future for COM objects when .NET comes in.

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"Wrong?" I dunno about that

by privately_owed In reply to When to use COM objects ?

It's my experience that COM objects are much easier to maintain than are ASP pages, and they are likewise easier to integrate into multiple applications: say a Web-based order entry app and a Windows-based customer service app. If what you have is always going to be a Web app then ASP is the way to go. But, if you ever think you might be asked to build a more traditional app, then a multi-tiered COM approach is the way to go.

I know of an online bank that eventually fired their Web developerbecause he insisted on putting all their site's functionality in ASP pages rather than COM objects. They came along after he'd been working for a while and wanted, quite reasonably in my opinion, to build an internal application for managing their customers' accounts, and to provide customers with phone-based access to them. They had to rip out a lot of the functionality that was embedded in ASP and rebuild it as a set of COM objects. Took quite a bit of time.

As far as what happens to COM in a .NET world, it's not going anywhere. Most of Windows is built around COM, as are a bunch of applications, and Microsoft knows this. This pre-existing investment is one reason why they went to such pains to include backward compatibility with COM in .NET.

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Old style my foot

by Kanto Boy In reply to When to use COM objects ?

Dont listen to that guy. He OBVIOUSLY has NO idea how to build a web application. A pure-ASP application does not load-balance, handle strings, or scale very well.

Actually ASP pages as we know it are going out the window, and microsoft is embracing a much more object oriented approach to software development.

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