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When typing any letters or symbol to a powerpoint application,,, the system

By a2595c ·
One of my users at the company is having a problem with her laptop machine. It is running with windows xp operating system.User is complaining why her machine is too slow, even if its a new one(ibmt40).. pentium 4, high memory chip, annd large capacity disks. When she tried to make a presentation file using Powerpoint, and type only ten letters, it is very slow and sometimes not responding. As i check other microsoft office application such as word,excel even notepad, and type any alphabet keys, It's quite o.k. but when powerpoint it's really slow and sluggish... as my user is getting annoyed. When I double check... it seems that there is no error... except in the task manager and check the "process tab", the CPU usage is 100% and never moves down. Even if I tried to close all applications. I do a restart,, close all application in the task manager.. and still the same.... How can I trace where is the real problem.. please help me

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reinstall office

by wordworker In reply to When typing any letters o ...

I hate to suggest such a blanket-type solution, but I've seen these kinds of problems before -- inexplicably slow response times opening and closing files from local and network drives -- and reinstalling Office worked after all other troubleshooting failed. You may never figure out what the "real problem" was, but if reinstalling Office works, you can at least monitor the machine and try to spot the culprit if the behavior starts up again.

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by Saboteur In reply to When typing any letters o ...

Text in Powerpoint is displayed in graphics mode. Check video drivers.

Also D&S \user\local settings\temp
delete all *.tmp

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