When virtualizing...

By hanekwj ·

As with everything in life there are certain things that are recommended or best practice.

When vertualizing servers and server roles, what servers/services will go well together on a physical device and what should you rather steer away from?

I ask this question because I wanted to install VMWare Server on a domain controller and it recomended that I rather not...


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by patb071 In reply to When virtualizing...

Here is what i found out about virtualizing a domain controller.

It is different for every company of what should be virtualized and what should't. Did you want to install vmware on the domain controller or put the DC on a virtual server?

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by hanekwj In reply to virtualizing

Let me explain to you what is being done at the moment:

I have one PC that runs the entire office of 12 staff members. This machine is a P4 with 2x 250GB drives in RAID 1, Server 2000. This machine runs AD, Exchange, Antivirus control centre, DNS, Telnet, DHCP, Print, Acounding Database, File etc. etc., practically everything on one physical server.

Now I obtained a authentic server with Xeon 1.86GHz dual core 2x 1TB in RAID 1, Server 2008 Standard. I started by Installing almost everything on the physical machine again with the exeption of Exchange for whitch I got a Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz with 4GB of RAM 2x 250GB HDD in RAID 1, Server 2008 Enterprize. Now this may work for now but I am shortly planning to become more active as an MSP and I will need to make server space available for that software as well as the CRM database application, I would also like to host my own web site.

How would I best combine roles on my physical devices?

I know that the Core 2 Quad is not the best solution, I am willing to upgrade to HP DL or IBM because reliablity will be key for me to operate as MSP.

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