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When will Vista be fixed so that it is fit for purpose?

By bj999w7 ·
When will all existing installations of Windows Vista be fixed so that they really are fit for purpose?

Should there be a Class Action Law Suit or mass use of consumer legislation against Microsoft for deliberately and knowingly marketing a crippled product (Windows Vista 6.0 OS) and deliberately keeping it crippled in service so that loyal customers are forced to buy Microsoft's latest offering (Windows 7 aka Win 6.1)?

There is an ongoing Poll: Should Microsoft fire Steve Ballmer?

Obviously, Steve Ballmer believes that he has one obligation and ONLY one obligation and that is to maximize profits for the shareholders.

To do that, he believes that Microsoft must continue their policy of developing hyped up, "feature-rich" products which customers must feel forced to adopt irrespective of their technical merits.

His philosophy and guiding principle is, "It's sales, sales, sales, stupid! Never mind the quality, usability, security, bloat or compatibility of the product, force your customers to upgrade and make a lot of money for Microsoft."

I believe that the real question should be:

When will all existing installations of Windows Vista be fixed so that they really are fit for purpose?

Vista (Win 6.0) is a classic example. Hype it up, don't bother about compatibility (in fact, make sure that loads of programs and hardware - especially music production stuff - are INCOMPATIBLE), release it quickly without many of the promised features and make sure that Vista stays crippled even after the release of your upgraded version Windows 7 (Win 6.1 updated version of Vista Win 6.0).

Oh and make sure, as usual, that most computer resellers install it complete with trial versions of Office Software.

Of course Microsoft have to make a profit, some of which is re-invested, but Microsoft is still the de facto standard for most individuals and organisations.

Microsoft Operating Systems are the heart of the world's general user infrastructure.

Microsoft should continue to provide support and a stable platform for those who cannot afford to have their computer equivalent of a car's Engine Management Control Unit's firmware "chipped" (updated) at disproportionate cost only to find the equivalent consequences of having to replace their horn, braking system and steering each time the OS is updated.

Or, Microsoft may say, "What the ****, just go out and buy a new car, you cheapskate! And while you are at it, don't even think about trying to put that expensive, high-end treasured car audio system in there, because it won't work!"

Microsoft, you have grudgingly admitted that Vista was and is still not fit for purpose. What are you going to do about that for all existing users of Vista?

Bill Harris


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That's a lot of ranting.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to When will Vista be fixed ...

At first I didn't think you had offered any reasons why you thought Vista was broken. Upon second reading (gods only know why), I found this:

"...don't bother about compatibility (in fact, make sure that loads of programs and hardware - especially music production stuff - are INCOMPATIBLE),..."

That's a lot of ranting to boil down to a couple of phrases. Have you tried running any of the troublesome apps in XP compatibility mode?

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3 Fixes

by TheChas In reply to When will Vista be fixed ...

There are 3 fixes for the issues that users have with Windows Vista.

Switch to Linux

Stick or roll back to Windows XP

Upgrade to Windows 7

If you are waiting for a patch, service pack or Vista second edition that is going to magically correct the perceived issues with Vista, forget it.

I think that one thing that many people forgot is that 10 years ago when XP came out, we had many of the same issues with XP that we had with Vista.

Many hardware devices would not work with XP. Many printers just had basic print modes.

A lot of software would not run on XP. Most notable were DOS based programs as XP dropped a large number of DOS commands.

Aside from the fact that Vista really is not as bad as it's reputation, if you read the EULA you had to approve to load Vista or use it on a new computer, you have very little legal redress with Microsoft.


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The American Way

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 3 Fixes

"Let's sue somebody!"

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Nice work, Poirot. By the way,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Considering this...

Been swapping avatars a bit lately?

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The Deliberate Vista Con is not the same as XP intro.

by bj999w7 In reply to Nice work, Poirot. By th ...

The deliberate Vista con is not the same as the Win XP introduction.

Vista was and still is deliberately flawed and was effectively forced on most people who bought new machines.

It was an illegal confidence trick by Microsoft and they should remedy that situation or be brought to book (as they have been on other issues).

I know about the usual EULA terms but most EULAs are contracts with many unenforcable unfair terms.

Vista should have been then what Windows 7 is now though Win7 compatibility and reliability is still unproven.

Yes, I wrote that other post about Win 7 Pro. I have it installed on one machine but I don't trust anything valuable to that machine yet. It is still a very uncertain, untried test bed just now.

I'm not going to buy another copy of Win 7 until I can trust it.

I still have several machines on Win XP and Win Vista (32 and 64 bit).

Yes, I have used XP Compatibility mode on Vista with limited success and functionality (even with the latest "Vista compatible" versions of programs).

Hardware drivers (especially for expensive, high-end music production and audio hardware) are still problematic.

I even had to buy a new HP printer because the few months old one (at the time) printer would not work (HP have released Vista drivers for it now but they don't work reliably).

It is not simply a case of perception. It is the reality of many people being deliberately and fraudulently conned by Microsoft who have grossly abused their dominance in the world market.

And, re the American Way, it was Europe who took the lead. I am a Brit not a US citizen.

Yes, I have ranted, I am ranting and I shall continue to rant and work very actively until Microsoft address this issue and/or are forced to make amends through the legal process.

That's assuming the Microsoft organisation remains viable in world economics today.

Thanks for your suggestions and for listening to my rants.

Bill Harris

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we never buy

by PurpleSkys In reply to The Deliberate Vista Con ...

a machine that comes loaded with an OS...grant you, the last two machines we purchased were specifically spec'ed for Win7Pro. No one HAS to buy a machine preloaded with an OS on it, one of the reasons we don't get our pcs at the big box stores.

-I never once fell for the "vista con": I have my own mind. I ran Win7 RC until we bought our new machines. The new pcs were loaded with vista (which was very brief until Win7 was released and our free upgrades were delivered), before that, it had been XP Pro on my machine since it was released.

-I am going to toot Win7's horn a bit though. I love it (the 64 bit Professional version)! Grant you, I've dumbed down the pretties and the fancies that are just useless, but my overall experience has been decent. About the only problem I've encountered is some websites that our youngest daughter plays on; I have to switch to a 32 bit browser to get them to work, bit of a pain in the rear but it's still an easy fix.

I personally think that if you give win7 pro a decent shot, you'll find it's not so bad. As for vista...well, does anyone remember Win ME...I put Vista in the same catagory.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to we never buy

ME was far worse than Vista. Vista's main problem was the MS and vendor marketing departments understated the minimum system requirements well below the usual laughable MS specs / guesses.

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Preloaded Computer OS

by bj999w7 In reply to we never buy

Many thanks for your reply.

Some good points there, especially about not buying a PC at the big box stores with Windows preloaded.

Now you see you were one of the relatively lucky ones who got a free upgrade to Win 7.

I am gradually starting to use the Win 7 Pro machine (specially built for the job).

I'm going to leave the 3 Win XP machines exactly as they are but what about the 4 machines that I have running Win Vista?

Your point about Win ME is well taken but, this time with Vista, Microsoft were deliberately and fraudulently criminal in their actions.

Best Wishes

Bill Harris

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"...deliberately and fraudulently criminal..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Preloaded Computer OS

Good luck proving that in court. For that matter, good luck finding a lawyer to take the case.

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