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When will Windows 7 Be Released? I Don't Really Care!

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I don't really care when it is released. It will be buggy as **** at the beginning, cleaned up over the following couple of years and finally it might be something! Right now... Vista has been available - what 18 months - the only people who think it's great think Geroge Bush was a great president (sic). I wouldn't upgrade to Vista on a double-dog dare and I won't change to 7 until mission critical software no longer runs in XP-Pro!

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There, there, now. Feel better? (No text)

by CharlieSpencer In reply to When will Windows 7 Be Re ...
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W7 fix.

by DHCDBD In reply to When will Windows 7 Be Re ...

Because of the leaked torrents of W7 a bug was found in the MP3 playback of the OS. MS fixed this bug before the M$ release of W7 beta to the public. That was like, ummm, two days to fix a problem in the BETA. I think M$ is serious about regaining market share.

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fully agree

by hitnrun In reply to When will Windows 7 Be Re ...

By the time Windows 7 gets debugged and becomes a product that people actually want to use, Microsoft will have released two additional operating systems, which will end tech support for windows 7 all together. I'm losing my love for MS.

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