When your asked to do the impossible...HELP!!!!!

By mikeadams1137 ·
Alright, this is an emergency class A post. Here is what we have going on!

My boss is in MD, right now. We have two offices out there, both with DIFFERENT DSL connections...and they both go into different routers...He wants to setup a network printer at one office, and be able to print to it, from the other office...He is thinking along the idea, of how we have it setup here at our HOME terminal, where...we have a network printer on our network, and everyone can print to it, via connecting to the IP.

The ony way I can remotely IMAGINE this happening..would be DMZs...on the routers, enable Windows remote host control...use one PC to connect to the other, then print from there? I believe thats possible...

basically its like this..

Internet 1 --> Router 1 --> Office 1
---->Printer Here<------
Internet 2 --> Router 2 --> Office 2

I need both to be able to print to that printer. Print Server maybe? Help!!

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Network the printer ???

by scarlbc In reply to When your asked to do the ...

Depending on the type of printer, you can program the printer with a reserved IP address and compatible Gateway and Subnetmask for both routers.

Otherwise, create a share name for the printer and you will be good.

Do trace route or PING commands at the Command prompt from both offices or search

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I just went through this myself...

by ctcbarney In reply to When your asked to do the ...

I'm certainly not a networking guru like some of these guys but I just went through something very similar...I wanted to be able to print to a shared printer from two different networks...each on it's own router.

To make a long story short, look into creating a VPN tunnel between the two routers which will allow you to effectively "bridge" (I use that term loosely here) the two networks. Such a config will permit users to share files, printers, etc. between the two two networks. My thread is here...

which also has some other suggestions and resources from some of the knowledgeable techies here.

Good luck!

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Can he access the servers where you are?.

If so then all he needs to do is to find out the path of the printer, something like: \\server\name\path\printer (this is an example). Or try this it is free:
There is a very little link to click on so make sure you slowly look at the site otherwise you will miss it. )

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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