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Where are all the good Solutions Architects?

By luke_parry ·
Are you an experienced Solutions Architects who doesn't do different things, but does things differently?

If so, Dell UK are looking for a number of high caliber Solutions Architects over the next year. If you think you would be interested, drop me a line.


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Doubt this

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Where are all the good So ...

Why would Dell post adverts like this here & with an e-mail address?

Not adding up - I would aviod this.

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Dell posting

by luke_parry In reply to Doubt this

The reason i have posted this advert is because we have a lot of requirements for Solutions Architects. As i am an internal recruiter, i need to be creative with how i source good candidates.

This isn't a scam and i would definitely like to hear from anyone that may be interested.



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In that case....

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Dell posting

I am a great Solutions Architect. However I will not use an uncomfirmed posting, from a new account, on a website, to release any of my details, e-mail address or not.

Even more so when the writer uses 'i'' instead of 'I'.

If you are 100% the real deal then please post your full contact details at the DELL offices you work - just so we can check with DELL.

Meantime I have posted a mail to DELL pointing them to this link. I know alot of people who work for / with DELL. I will know if it is a scam either way.



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by luke_parry In reply to In that case....

If you go to and search for Solutions Architects in the UK, you will see the job posting.

I am based at the Dell UK headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire.



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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Posting

Now if I'm interested I will follow the instruction based on the site.

Sorry to put you through all that. There has been instances where postings here have been somewhat false.



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Opportunities at Dell

by luke_parry In reply to Thanks!

Please do, we are always looking for good solution architects.



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Ho Hum

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Posting

Not enough C# experience yet. Cross training soon.

Besides I haven't got a degree, so I'm obviously unsuitable !
Only been doing it twenty years. Must have got lucky not getting found out.


Guess SciFiMan was right.

If you guys are going to start using this site I guess we'll have to be a bit more circumspect.

What ever you do don't go near the Hiring the wrong stuff discussion.

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May be it's a change of tack after

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Where are all the good So ...

gartner's latest report and the Hiring wrong stuff discussions?
Or indeed possibly someone farming contact details .

Got caught out once by that.
Apllied for a job though some muppets, response was a list of special offers for IT that their sister firm just 'happened' to be selling.
I reported them to jobserve where I'd picked up the link, they got hooked right out of there.

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by petryd In reply to Where are all the good So ...

Douglas Petry

Solution & Security Architect

Army & Airforce Exchange Service


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