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Where are the Tech Jobs?

By MattIT ·
I'm a student at UWO in Oshkosh, WI. As you can imagine the job market in the tech industry is fairly limited here in the Cheese State. I have plans to move to California when I graduate in hopes of finding a good tech job in a large company. However, I'm still wondering whether there are other locations that might provide greater opportunity than CA.

I guess what I'm asking, and would enjoy a discussion about, is:

Where are you from, and are you impressed/pleased/content with the job availabilty/quality in the tech industry of your stomping grounds?

I'd love to learn about what the hotspots are, and why they're that way.


- Matt Werner

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by Absolutely In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

Where the talent is cheap, and doesn't end their sentences with prepositions, at.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

Jobs are in the service industry, providing
onsite and depot service on all the PC's out there. Some retailers have their own and others
use vendors. The biggest push is in the chip
making industry from design to burning chips
and th QC process. A real technician would
probably supervise lower grade assembly types
on the assembly line. Putting all those
functions in one device is driving the world
and a lot has gone over seas and we can't stop
that. So service is where its at.

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I can talk about

by zlitocook In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

St Louis MO. The IT field is starting out great now! It was flat for the last few years but most of the IT people could not make a living with low wages and little work. Most of the people, who I knew went into other fields, like retail, construction and other higher paying jobs. But the IT field is coming back. I have been a contractor for five years or so and now I have been offered three jobs in the last three weeks. They do not pay what I want but the benefits and options or great.
I was one of the people who got into IT when all the schools and advertisements said that there were over 100.000 IT not being filled this year.
What a joke the jobs have gone over seas because they do not have to pay good wages or provide health care.
But the tides have turned and alot of company now realize that an out sourced company can not or will not change the way they do things because we in the USA need it done that way.
Sorry the Jolt Cola is having its way with me;

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The North East

by /usr In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

I would say there is your best bet. They don't pay really well in the South and the cost of living in Cali is quite high. The people I've known who moved to those areas consulting are doing very well (close to 6 figures).

Unfortunately, It really doesn't matter where you go if you don't have any real hands on experience on a live corp network.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

New York and Philadelphia have a fair number of openings. Unfortunately the cost of living in either city is high. So, I'm in Pennsylvania about 60 miles north of Philly.

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The friendly rival state

by onbliss In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

I constantly keep hearing from recruiters and friends about the hot "application development" market in Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area.

I know several people who are on the look out for people with .Net skills, and I know atleast one large company that constantly interviews (hires ??) fresh college graduates.

I do not know if the opportunities here are greater than CA, but there seems to be plenty and I have not had a problem finding projects.

The answer to your question about if I was impressed/please/content is a BIG YES.

Ther are plenty of Packers fans out here :)

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Glad to hear it.

by MattIT In reply to The friendly rival state

I have some family in the Minneapolis area, surprised to hear that there are Packer fans over there though... I suppose if your only other option is the Vikings, I dont blame them.

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by onbliss In reply to Glad to hear it.

I guess, because the Twin Cities being so close to the state border (MN-WI) there are quite a few Packer fans here.

Last week, I got a call from an old recruiter friend who just took me out to lunch and talked glowingly about the opportunities. Looks like the market is really heating up here.

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by Too Old For IT In reply to Where are the Tech Jobs?

50? an hour, but plentiful.

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by MattIT In reply to China

LOL, If only I spoke Cantonese

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