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where buy mp4 Media player well ?

By October006 ·
i want to buy a new mp4 media player,but i don't know how to buy it from web store .i first buy it from website ?pls give me some advice .tks

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where buy mp4 Media player well ?

by October006 In reply to where buy mp4 Media playe ...

i just saw this website :newfrog who bought thing from it ?pls give me some advice ?tks

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So your question is how to purchase an item online?

by robo_dev In reply to where buy mp4 Media playe ...

Step One: Place a credit card on the desk or somewhere nearby as this will be needed shortly, preferably one that belongs to you.

Step Two: Use a web browser to go to a web site that sells the product you want.

Step Three: Next to each product, typically there is a button that says something like 'Add to Cart'. Click on that button. In some cases there is a text entry box that can accept a quantity number, but typically it defaults to one.

Step Four: Typically there is a button or navigation control on the website that says 'checkout'. Click on that button.

Step five: Enter the address and credit card information on the order page and look for a button that says 'submit order'. Click on that button.

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