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Where can I find a Win95 universal bootdisk

By andrewmo441 ·
Where can I find a win 95 universal bootdisk? I received mine with an old gateway pc its a orange labeled floppy that says Universal bootdisk windows 95 version 1.1 disk 1 of 1. Someone erased it on me. It was the only disk I needed to reformat and install operating systems with. And when I try to make a new one it just doesn't workout the same

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by jomar_venturuzo In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

what do you mean of universal?
can you explain pls.,
I have a win95 bootdisk that cannot load the driver of a cdrom.,and cannot read NTFS partition.,

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by jcdyson In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

Mate you should be able to DL a copy of the 95 Boot disks on it has book disks for different OS's I DL'd a 98SE 1 and had no problems with it.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

If you have a running 95 or 98 computer you can make your own by going to the Control Panel then add remove programs and then click on the Startup Disc Tab and you can make a 95-98 Boot Floppy from there.

If you want the one that came with the OEM CD you can download this from most Web Sites just run a Goggle Search for 9X Boot Floppies.


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by jgeldenhuys In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

Going to aggree with previous answer, go to and get boot disk from there. You want to be able to format and re-install the machine again right? a win95?! Install from cd i presume, so you would need cd-rom drivers for the reinstall, and to format and partion, you can use format and fdisk. Win95 boot disk as far as i can remember never had cd-rom drives, only in win98 did ms see the problem. Use the win98 boot disk, it has everything you should need.

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by ckmate05 In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

I agree with previous answer concerning they should have a suitable boot disk for Win 95. You may also need to go to and download their tool for getting a copy of the drivers that are in your machine. Save them to a disk. Not sure that Win 95 will read NTFS files since it uses FAT.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

Is there something to this question that I can't see,what is NTFS!!!!!!!

Just take the advice of HAL9000, forget the rest.

If you did download 'bootdisk' and have the same problem as the person who posted the first response, you may selected a bootdisk that doesn't have OAKCDROM.SYS, this will work with any cd and MS.

However it doesn't matter as this is on the 95 cd which is bootable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won't try to confuse you any further!

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by ComputerCookie In reply to Where can I find a Win95 ...

Sorry for that typo?

Win 95 cd isn't bootable

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