Where can I find a Windows 10 image to run in a VM?

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What is the best virtual machine software to use? Where can I get an image to use? Do I need a license key? New to this area.

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Well officially you can not download an image unless it is direct from MS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Where can I find a Window ...

You can not legally download an image of any Microsoft Product unless you download it from Microsoft itself and Yes you do need a License Key.

As Microsoft push their Legal Claims quite hard their Legal Department is known to do nasty things to people who steal their IP and do as they like.

However the good thing here is if you have Windows 10 Already loaded on your computer then that copy is Registered to that computer and you can have as many copies of it on that computer as you like.

As for loading a Virtual Machine onto a already running OS there are several way to achieve this but unless you do it reguraly it gets very messy very quickly and the posibility of making mistakes is very large. You have to realise that the resources to run the Native OS are used and then you are using the same resources to run the Virtual OS so it will run slower Virtually on the same hardware as it would run by itself on the same hardware.

It is much easier to Dual Boot different OS provided you have enough Storage Space and switch from one OS to the other by the Boot Loader that comes with both Windows and every other OS that is available.

The only thing you have to watch out for is to make sure that you install the Second and all subsquent OS onto HDD Space of their own as you CAN NOT install different OS's onto the Same area of a HDD.

In the case of Linux, BSD/IOS and all the other Mac Operating Systems Unix and any other OS you can name they all have different Partition Types so you can not install Windows onto a Linux Partition or a Berkly Software Development Partition the indivual OS's simply do not read the Partition so they are not installable onto a partition that they are not native to.

Also if you want to install several different versions of Windows or any other OS onto a HDD which uses the Same Partition Type the simple instance of installing the second OS overwrites the original files and makes that OS unusable so they also have to go onto different partitions so you keep all of the files to run that OS.

While you can setup the HDD with several Partitions and install a different OS to each Partition you have to remember what you are doing as it is very easy to install onto the Basic Partition as all OS by default want to install there.

Hope that is of some help.

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