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Where can I find an IT pro to hire?

By trs789 ·
If you were looking for an IT pro where would you look for resumes or post a job opening? We are located in the greater Detroit area.

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That would depend

by jdmercha In reply to Where can I find an IT pr ...

What qualifications are you looking for? Can you hire a new College grad? Check with your local college's office of student employment.

Is it a permanent job or a contract job? You could use a local IT placement firm.

You could search the web for resumes.

Or you could find somebody who knows somebody.

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yes that depends on many factors.

by dsowmick In reply to That would depend

What Type of Pro are you looking for? with different field of information technology you will need to know what type of Professional do you need, a programmer, a network specialist, a support sevice tech, or just an all around computer geek.
It all depends on "what services does this entity (employee) need to: provide, Implement, manage and future responsiblilities.

so i guess your question has more than question you need to answer.

there are many web site dedicated to finding appliCAN'Ts or AppliCANs. best i can say it try a google search and hope you feeling lucky

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job description

by trs789 In reply to yes that depends on many ...

We are looking for a network specialist and support service tech with some experience in using or understanding A/V equipment. Know someone that fits those needs?

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well one thing you should ask for is experience

by dsowmick In reply to job description

Those qualities should not be too hard to find, but I would like to mention that in your job description, I would suggest you request at least 3-4 years of work experience in networking.
Most network technicians I have met would have the A/V and support experience, especially if they have worked on the application end of networking. In addition, it depends on the person if they have the initiative and motivation to work on diverse computer aspects. Any person in the field of IT knows that a great technician can adapt and learn new fuctions of the field.
Good luck in finding the right person for the job.

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tried some of your recommendations

by trs789 In reply to That would depend

Thanks for the suggestions. We are looking for someone with networking skills, maybe some customer support/help desk experience, an understanding of Microsoft products and some experience working with A/V equipment. This is a permanent job. I am now considering working with an IT placement firm. What is an average rate for them? It's amazing that everyone I've spoken to can do everything and then don't want to do anything once hired. That has been my experience. I've interviewed recent college grads and seniors and they all seem to think that they are worth more than they actually are. Working on campus loading software is not an IT pro. Thanks again for the suggestions. Onward and upward...

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Depends on your area

by jdmercha In reply to tried some of your recomm ...

Where I am at we could just put a small add in the newspaper, and we'd end up with 100 resumes for a 30k/year job. Most of our college grads are leaving town for jobs that start at 45k elsewhere.

The main reasons for going with a recruiting firm is to filter out the resumes. If you do not want to read through all those resumes yourself, or if you want an outside opinion of a indivuduals skills.

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Try these web sites

by RFink In reply to Where can I find an IT pr ...

In the Detroit area, you can post your job on,, and of course, and

You can also call 1-800-LDSJOBS with your job posting as well.

Good luck.

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Have you tried...

by SciFiMan In reply to Where can I find an IT pr ...

the usual suspects, like and Have a fleshed out job description and you should get a lot of applicants. Plus a lot more recruiters sending people your way.

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Did you ever fill that position?

by dsowmick In reply to Where can I find an IT pr ...

I was wondering if you ever found a person for the job?

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