Where can I find system administrators for financial systems/ERP's?

By jlee ·
Hi there- I am in the midst of recruiting a financial system administrator in Washington, DC and I'm having trouble figuring out where I can find savvy system administrators for financial systems or ERP's. I need someone who is equally savvy in the tech realm as they are in with finances. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated greatly.


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As this is a specialised position

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where can I find system a ...

You're best bet would be to advertise in the Trade Papers connected with your industry. Of course you'll get a lot of want to be's but you'll need to weed them out and go with someone with experience and a proven track record.

Never Allow HR to perform the interviews as they are incapable of actually seeing who is best to fill this position you'll need someone directly involved in the day to day running of the business to do the interviews or you'll end up with No Hoper's but they'll be cheap.

You need to actually look at the person and not bother with pieces of paper as that means very little what you need is someone who is capable of doing the work and that may not involve pieces of paper to get the right person who will work for the money being offered and much more importantly stay there for a long period of time. In a position like this you want No Staff Turnover!

You also should be looking for a more mature worker and not some fresh out of school person to fill this position so age shouldn't be an issue if anything the older the person who applies the more likely they will be to do the required work. You can not have a person with 30 years experience when they have just got out of school. The older people tend to be more reliable as a general rule and tend to be cheaper in hardware solutions to employ as they will make things work without needing to replace vast amounts of Hardware/Software to get the latest thing running part way right for the business.


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