Where can I get a copy of the MS Office XP SDK (developer's kit)?

By millard ·
Never had so much trouble getting a vendor to sell me something. All roads lead to Office 2007...

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Old Software

by TheChas In reply to Where can I get a copy of ...

Your first issue is that you are trying to work with software that Microsoft considers to be obsolete.

Still, there are resources and options.

Have you searched through the MSDN Office site?

Here are a couple of links I found:

Also, this site:

Leads me to suspect that Microsoft might not have produced a full SDK for Office XP, but a special version for developers.

I checked my favorite sites for old software and came up empty handed.

I did find a link on Amazon when I search for Office XP MO

Good luck,


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by millard In reply to Old Software


Old habits die hard...

Thanks for the quick and informative reply! I know I'm lagging behind on upgrades, but hey, I have a lot of old stuff that still works, and my business is supposed to be remodeling houses (just can't get the techie out of me!)

If what I'm putting together works well, I'll pay someone to port the code into something more deserving, cuz I ain't about to learn any more new techie tricks! Famous last words.

The MSDN page turned out to be full of dead links, so you're right about them abandoning the 2002 versions.

My Amazon search didn't turn up the hit you found, so thanks for that!


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