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Where can i get training /short courses on Legal engineering?

By soniakalu59 ·
I am currently looking into Legal engineering as a career and would love to carve a niche in that regard. However, training on this is in severe shortage as the intersection between Law and technology (software development precisely) is a growing trend. Where can one get training/courses in order to launch a Legal engineering career please?
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Actually I will disagree.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Where can i get training ...

One of the lawyers I worked with long ago specialized in defective products and what you suspect. They were almost a degreed engineer but due to how the legal system here in the USA is, they majored in Law, took some engineering classes (Mechanical, etc.) and did very well over the years.

As I know such people I don't think there's a shortage. Besides when it is an engineering matter in the court, each side will draw on degreed with the usual PE (read https://www.nspe.org/resources/licensure/what-pe )

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My suggestion

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Where can i get training ...

My Uncle (established attorney) was one of the first gaming software attorneys on the US West Coast back in the day when the industry first took off. Today it is a more mainstream industry. You could contact a State University counselor for more guidance on the matter. I don't know where you live and I don't have any specific information to guide you. It might help if you narrowed down your search to a specific aspect instead of just "Legal Engineering". If you don't get any specific advice on this site, a "Google" search is your best friend. Good luck and best wishes.

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