Where did all my data go??

By Chilli_Willie ·
So I was trying to move some folders onto my 2nd internal harddrive on my laptop when they disappeared. A couple of the folders made it over however 85% of the files mostley xcel spreadsheets did not.

I do not know where they could have gone or if they are just lost. I was trying to move the folders over to free up some space on the main drive.

I thought maybe system restore but wondows does not show any restore points before yesterday and says nothing has changed since then so it wont do a restore.

Does anyone know how to get that data back..or turn back the clock so I can be smart and make a copy before trying to get creative.


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by MyLittleMansAnIdiot In reply to Where did all my data go? ...

What method/s did you use to transfer the files? Drag and drop or cut and paste? Did you use multiple file selection? If so, did you select ALL the folders at once, or just some of them? Or did you move them one at a time?

The data would have to be SOMEWHERE, unless you used cut, then cleared the buffer somehow. The method make a difference.

If you multiple selected some of the files, and drag and dropped them, you may have inadverntantly dropped them into another folder. Same with cut and paste.

If you selected all of the folders and copied them all at the same time some drastic must have happened to make some of them "disappear". Like the laptop powerinf off during the transfer perhaps. Even then, the data will still be resident somewhere on the system. There are a lot of data recovery programs out there, GetDataBack, Nucleus, NTFS Reader for DOS to name a few.

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