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Where did I even once say Apple didn't have a legitimate reason?

By Vulpinemac ·
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Maybe if you understood WHY they spend so much...

by Vulpinemac In reply to Where did I even once say ...

... it would make a difference in your opinion; but the argument all along has been about what Miller did and how Apple responded. My point was simply that Apple really responded no differently than the military had he divulged some perceived weakness in a tank or aircraft's defenses the same way. In fact, the military would have gone much farther and probably had him arrested for espionage or 'aiding and abetting' a foreign entity.

My original argument was to the originator of the thread--donovanknight--which you apparently felt was in response to you, instead. You then chose to insist that Apple was abusing monopoly power when quite honestly they were simply punishing an uncooperative researcher. Yes, threads do exist, otherwise they would not have an hierarchal display method allowing people to separate out a conversation and even take it off-board as I have chosen to do here.

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I give up...

Where did I say Apple was abusing "monopoly power"? Please, direct your
responses to the person making the statement, not to a reply further down
the thread. I not once made a claim about Apple abusing monopoly power.

This is the last response you will elicit from me on this topic...I think I've
made a determination of your view, but so as not to offend you, I'll keep my
opinion to myself. This way, we can part ways on this subject in a friendly
fashion and not alienate ourselves.
Take care Vulpine! See you on the message boards!

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