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Where did the professionals go?

By shayhurs ·
TWICE this week, I have had headhunters call with job positions that have turned into fiascos.

In both cases I was given a very ambiguous description of the position and neither recruiter could tell me much about the company. Okay, annoying but understandable as sometimes thing happen fast.

In the first one a flurry of phone calls on MOnday trying to get information for a Tuesday interview resulted in a voice mail at 8AM Tuesday telling me the position had been filled internally.
The second call came in Tuesday evening and was supposed to be replacing someone in a position that they had for two years who was moving on.

They STILL have not given me solid information on the company and I am supposed to be interviewing this afternoon. I have been told the Account Manager is out sick and their computer system was down most of Wednesday...

In both cases now (I'm about to decline the second one), the recruiter has been totally disorganized.
If I turn down the second interview, she's already said she has someone else to send in my place.

Anyone else seeing this? What happened to the professionals?


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The professionals haven't gone

by road-dog In reply to Where did the professiona ...

You are simply coming across folks who aren't. The headhunter game has become a massive cut-throat bloodbath with the tech wreck and the slow economy. Lots of body shops got started during the tech boom when times were better and the ameteurs could still make good money.

Have you looked at the job boards and seen the same position posted by several different agencies? I think that they cut and paste existing jobs under their name to get their shot at the percentage. The problem is, we folks looking for mercenary projects get lost in the maelstrom of B.S. from these body shops trying to hammer in the deal. They want you fast, but they don't want to tell you anything because they don't want you attempting to go in directly.

The Client gets jammed, because when they get the same resume from 5 different recruiters, they know there will be a conflict over who gets the finders fee if they hire. Hence, better not to hire that person unless they are a perfect fit, and avoid the legal percussions.

Deal with it and wait until time and business climate thin the herd, or find a select few agencies and only deal with them.

PROTECT YOUR RESUME, you don't want to apply for a job and find one of these clowns have put one in without your permission.

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by lance.gillis In reply to The professionals haven't ...

Lots of good points road-dog. You also might want to do a little networking with VP and CEO level people to find out which head hunter(s) they use and would recommend. That way you could submit your resume to known & trusted recruiters and then you know you are dealing with a "professional". Good Luck

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