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Where do Computers go to Die

By stargazerr ·
What do you do when your computers become obsolete ??


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Here in Australia we refurbish most of them

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Where do Computers go to ...

and sell them to pensioners and other unwitting people who think an Intel 486 25 mhz is still a good computer.

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I heard a story on the radio...

by DMambo In reply to Where do Computers go to ...

...a couple of days ago that a group of former prisoners were suing the State of Virginia (I think) because of the health effects of the "recycling" program that was run through the prison system. This guy said that after a day of swinging a hand sledge into monitors, everyone in the room would be covered with dust. They were told to just brush it off. No dust masks were made available.

Looks like we're just trying to export our problems. And the workers, no doubt, just don't have a clue about what they're doing to themselves. Or they're just too desperate to care. I've always said there's a special place in **** for those who exploit weaker folks. (With the exception of parents who make kids shovel snow and rake lawns.)

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Depends on who you ask

by stargazerr In reply to I heard a story on the ra ...

Ask kids and they will say that parents make them do "child labor"


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Where mine go

by M_a_r_k In reply to Where do Computers go to ...

I haven't known what to do with them. I haven't tossed them in the garbage for precisely the reason noted in your article. So they go in my garage, take up precious space and collect dust.

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Keep them until they are 30 plue years old

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Where mine go

them sell them to collectors as antiques.

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Old computers don't have to die . . .

by Jeffrey.Franks In reply to Where do Computers go to ...

They make great Linux servers and a way to spread
services over several machines -- becomes harder
to penetrate in a DMZ use case since not much is
available for leverage in each machine.

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