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Where do computers go when they die?

By dbaldwin ·
What do you all do with your hardware when it is too aged to be useful to you? For the last year, I have been collecting old hardware from people's donations and putting it to use. What I can't use, I will give away or recycle. Are there any others doing this? If not, please feel free to send anything electronic (especially computers) to me. For information, e-mail me at Most of the hardware gets made into useful things (Linux terminals, Linux routers) etc. and given away locally (here in Michigan) or non-useful things (clipboards, christmas ornaments, etc) and traded for useful stuff.

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Reuse of computers..

by syadm In reply to Where do computers go whe ...

I am doing the same thing in Gothenburg, Sweden. Lots of computers, parts and accessories can be reused by people with less
demands than employees. I have put together home pc:s for most of my friends and family.
Keep up the good work..

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