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Where do I begin?

By NYC ·
A few months ago I was laid off from my job at a brokerage firm here in NYC. I am in the process of obtaining my A+ cert. My problem is that I have no IT experience. What concerns me more is the rate of unemployment since the tragedy. What should be my first step after getting my cert? Thank you in advance for any advice offered.

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Small Help Desk

by croge In reply to Where do I begin?

I commend you for your ambition. A+ certification is a nice start, however I do not think you will easily find employment with just the cert and no real hands on experience.

Think small at first. I went from no degree/working at Kinkos to a small software company helpdesk. I had never even seen Windows 95 (this was right after it was released.) I interviewed strong and hungry and they took a chance. Most of what I know about computers I learned in my first 6 months at that small help desk. The hours were long and 4 out of 5 customers were real angry before they even got on the line.

From there I worked my way into increasingly more specialized support roles, then after 3 years of technology software support made the jump to a hybrid role of helpdesk/PC support/light server support.

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Start from the bottom rung...

by El Guapo In reply to Small Help Desk

unless if luck would have it, you get offered a good position. Nevertheless, a good place to start would be to volunteer your services to non profit organizations. Since you stated you have no IT experience, volunteering at any non profit organizations will expose you to different systems; although their computers may or may not be up to date, at least you have something to place on your resume. Another idea would be to build a network at home, obtain trial copies of software andfamiliarize yourself with those.

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