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Where do I find my video graphics card?

By proud_2_b_lesbian ·
I need to find my video graphcs card I just put 98 back in my comp and no colour oh oh. I need to know where to go and download the driver for it. It's a Stadard graphics card.
thank you

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by w2ktechman In reply to Where do I find my video ...

The standard driver should display in color (16 colors anyway). You should be able to find a driver by going to your computer manufacturers website and searching for drivers for your model. If not you will need to open the system and find out what graphics card is installed, make/model and search its manufacturers website, or find it on a website like

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by proud_2_b_lesbian In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Where do I find my video ...

I did a check at and found no listing for Stadard.
Or, did you miss a letter and your video card is showing up as Standard Graphics Adapter?

Windows 98 has a poor set of video drivers.

Here is what I do:

Identify the actual graphics card or graphics processor.
If you have on-board video, you can get the driver from the system or motherboard manufactures web site.
One way to see what video card you have is to watch for the splash screen just as you power up the PC.
Many graphics cards show a logo for a few seconds before the BIOS begins testing the system hardware.
Or, you can look at the video card itself.
The printing on the card, or on the largest integrated circuit on the card should have a manufacture name and model.

Download the latest W98 driver.
Read the release notes, or readme file to verify which version of DirectX is supported / required by the driver.

Download and install the drivers for the chip-set on the motherboard. This is CRITICAL if you have AGP graphics.

Download and install the appropriate version of DirectX (from

Install the video driver.

If needed, install the driver for the monitor.

One word of caution with W98.
If the video driver does not support DirectX 9, I would NOT install IE6. IE 6 does not work well with some older video cards.
You can download IE 5.5 SP2 from the browser archive at


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by TheChas In reply to


Did you have problems with the Windows 2000 upgrade?

Or is this a different PC?


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by valis In reply to Where do I find my video ...

VERY simple

look on the back of your monitor
there are two cords.

follow each one.

one will go to a "power outlet", that one isnt the video cable

try the other one
that one will go to a place on your computer. where it plugs in will be the "video graphics card"

voila, you've found it.

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by proud_2_b_lesbian In reply to

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