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Where do I go from here?

By jbillie0809 ·
I have been in the IT field for almost 20 years. I started with mainframe and now I have been doing desktop support for the past 10 years. Desktop seems to be going no where these days (over flooded and low pay). I love the IT field but I need to maintain a decent salary to support a wife and 2 kids. What in the IT field hot? What can I study for the future?

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The future

by mjd420nova In reply to Where do I go from here?

I haven't seen it yet, but I understand that
internet appliances are supposed to be the
HOT button. I mean that everything you plug
into the wall can be under control via a LAN.
I presently use a serial net that controls
the current drawn by each wall outlet socket.
Other serial devices send signals from window
switches, door and lock switches along with
analog infra-red, ultra-sonic and particulate
sensors. Kind of like a security system but
with out a camera. Is this the future?? only
using a LAN (don't forget WI-FI) instead of
dedicated serial cables.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Where do I go from here?

Have you considered XML development? Believe it or not, some mainframe skills carry over well. Consider for instance IMS, IBM?s behemoth database, the hierarchical concepts translate rather nicely to accessing XML. Remember that not all dinosaurs died-out, some sprouted feathers and are with us still.

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by jdmercha In reply to Where do I go from here?

Network security seems to be all the rage these days.

If you have cobol skills, keep them going. Every year more cobol programmers retire. And cobol is not being taught to younger programmers. Large financial instituitions will still be usining cobol for many years. And the supply of cobol programmers keeps shrinking every year.

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by mckinnej In reply to Security/Cobol

Totally agree with the security field advice. My company even has a special pay band for those folks.

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Cheer up !

by Amit sharma In reply to Where do I go from here?

As a matter of fact, you belongs to IT only & you are a veteran of it (i respect that), but the only problem is that desktop management is going nowhere offlate & i suggest from desktop support you should move to server support as that is the only closest & feasible solution i see.

So first confirm what servers/plateform have been installed at your place/your firm & then study them or you can go for some certification which belongs to those plateform only.

Let it be M$ or *nix.
IT doesnt see age, it only needs dedication. So cheer up & get ready to face new challenges.

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The Hottest For The Future - Check This Out

by dotxen In reply to Where do I go from here?

Infrastructure design around such technologies as J2EE (SOA), Virtualisation (that is the correct spelling!) and Multi-Core processing.

Put that together and you are on the way to being a Gartner Analyst - and they get paid a lot of dosh for telling us what we already know.

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Indemand Technology

by vieuxing In reply to Where do I go from here?

lately It seems that security is on everyones plate as the thecnology to grab a handle on. I belive that having the ability to maintain and setup a secure networking environment is where future is as well as Disaster Recorvery. Take a look at some of these technologies. Another Huge technology is the Wireless infrastructure over a MAN. High demand for those individuals that can set it up and maintain them. Hope this helps

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Managed Services

by cjbowser In reply to Indemand Technology

One area that seems to be booming, at least around here, is managed services. Drop an SNMP or WMI probe on somebodies network and view all the network's essential info (connectivity, backup, processors, processes, etc.) at the click of a mouse. It's a lot like home security. People pay you a monthly fee just in case something goes wrong, instead of waiting for when something goes wrong.

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Keep learning

by cgbullock In reply to Where do I go from here?

We are in the process of hiring a new IT employee and we have found that most "experienced" applicants >10 years exp, lack in the current technologies. They brag about knowing how to rapair a x286 computer but seem reluctant to learn anything new. We had a few applicants come in and say that if they didn't know a certain technology they would rather not have the job if it meant learning something new.

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Totally agree "Keep Learning"

by Thegs68 In reply to Keep learning

I agree with the concept of ?Keep Learning?. I don?t understand how someone in IT cannot want to learn as this field is always in a state of flux. To not want to learn new technologies strikes me, as they no longer want to work in this field or at all, they better hope the lotteries come through. At some time the companies they work for will no longer need their ?field of expertise? and they will be stuck.

Unfortunately finding time to learning something new can be very difficult if your company does not see it being beneficial, wanting to keep you where you are because your good at it, thus leaving it up to you to find the course and time outside of work. As with all Family situation this even makes it harder, all members of the your Family need attention, even the Family pet. This leaves very little ?me? time to learn. Depending on the ages with in the Family this can be worked around with discussions but is still mind taxing as after a day at work it makes it harder to concentrate and learn new things, but we all know that.
This leads me to my problem. I am presently looking for other work because I see no future where I am. And as I mentioned earlier if a company does not see the ?benefit? in you learning something new you could get stagnate, thus making it difficult to move on. I made this even more difficult by working to many hours and not giving myself the benefit of more education, I am presently not making that mistake. In the case of applying for new positions that are out of my knowledge skills most companies are reluctant to hire and to give me the opportunity to learn as they want a ?Qualified? person, this could just be my area, and I?m sure I?m not the only one. This is very frustrating for people like myself that want to learn and are not being given the opportunity to learn. To find a company willing to teach "experienced" applicants >10 years exp, would be great and applicants should be thankful that you are willing to, because there are very few that are.
Hope you find the ?Open? minded person that you are looking for.

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