Where do I go from here?

By syminfo ·
I have been in the IT field for almost 18 years. I started my career as freelance software developer by developing commercial software applications like financial accounting, inventory control, production, sales, payroll, manufacturing and many more in MICROFOCUS COBOL on DOS/NOVELL platforms. I was totally involved in development and support of these application consisting of approximate 5000 programs and 35 modules. I didn't have time & need to upgrade myself.
I love the IT field but I need to maintain a decent salary/income to support a wife and 2 kids. What in the IT field hot? What can I study for the future? Which is the best platform/technology to develop stand-alone window based GUI commercial applications without keeping big overhead of cost of database and development environment? Thanks in Advance for your valuable suggestions.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Where do I go from here?

Most methods you learn stay the same no matter what envio you are using. Time to move in to a consultant style of role perhaps?

Failing that - Depands on what you want. COBOL is not dead, just nothing new getting developed on it. Would you be happy just supporting old programs?

There is always a market (for Windows) in .net and VB and Visual C.

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Well .net is the big thing and it can be free

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Where do I go from here?
Includes SQL Server 2005 Express which is also free.

There buckets loads of resources to help as well.
W3C Schools is always a good start.

The open source stuff is good as well if you are more comfortable in a 'nix environment.
But if you want to maximise your opportunities at the moment winders is the way to go.

The other tip would be to hit some of the pimp sites (monster et al) type in keywords and look at how many hits you get. It's not real numbers because there will be a lot of repeats, but it will give you some clues where they think the market is at in your area.

One of the good things about being a programmer is there are always free tools.

If there's a big linux market in your area I'd look at that as well, gnu and front ends like Kdevelop will give you a good start.

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