Where do i plug my disc drive in!!?

By fin4lprayer ·
Ok, so im using my disc drive from my old computer, which is pretty old...But it was hooked up with (i think) and ide motherboard came with a cable for the Hard drive, and a cable for the floppy....ive looked all over my motherboard and theres no slots where id plug my disc drive in....Theres a slot on the mb that says F_AUDIOCD_IN idk if that would be it or what...but can anyone help me??

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Wait a minute - whatever happened to your friend ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Where do i plug my disc d ...

The one that you said was going to build it, the one that knew how to do it? Is he not available?

How far has this new build gone?
What stage is the build at?

This 'disc drive' - is it an optical drive, a CD/DVD ?

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He was here...

by fin4lprayer In reply to Wait a minute - whatever ...

I knew how to do most of this myslef. But we got everything except the power supply hooked up and disc drive...which yes i guess thats the optical drive (CD/DVD). I just put in the psu, i have to connect that, and figure out whats with the optical drive and thats it.

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That sounds about right to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to He was here...

F_AUDIOCD_IN would be an optical drive connector socket.

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But theres nothing to plug into that...

by fin4lprayer In reply to That sounds about right t ...

I dont see any cables that can plug into that...nothing... =/

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Probably because there is nothing required here

by OH Smeg In reply to But theres nothing to plu ...

Just because there is a socket there doesn't mean it has to be used. This socket is provided by the M'Board Maker in case some odd Hardware is used or required.


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Well then where

by fin4lprayer In reply to Probably because there is ...

Is it supposed to be pluged in? i know you said read the manual, which ive looked in the motherboard manual and there is nothing about an optical drive, or installing anything except ram/expansion cards/ the processor... I don't have a manual for the optical drive because its old...and on the diagram of the motherboard, the only optical or cd or anything is the f audio cd in thing.... =/

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would it help if.

by fin4lprayer In reply to Well then where

I have a foxconn motherboard, p45a-s

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Optical Drives are ones that rely on Light to work

by OH Smeg In reply to Well then where

So read that as CD or DVD Drives at this point in time.

Now on the back of every IDE Optical Drive are several Sockets the one on the right as you hold the drive looking at the back of it is the Power Socket where the Power Leads plug in and this is a 4 Pin Plug.

The next one to the left is the IDE Socket which has a Nominal 40 Pins though there may be only 39 as one doesn't get used, this is 2 rows of 20 pins.

To the left of that is a 6 Pin Header strip composed of 2 Rows of 3 Pins and a Green, White or maybe Black Plastic Covered Jumper on two of these pins. This sets the Drive to either Master, Slave or Cable Select.

Then to the left of this is a 4 Pin Audio Socket which is not used with Windows XP or newer Winnows OS

and to the extreme left there may be a 2 pin socket that says Audio. This is only used on High End Audio Cards where it is required to extract the Signals from the Optical Drive in a Digital Form not a Analog Form. This is not used with most systems and is very rarely even fitted to most Optical Drives.

What is the Make & Model of the M'Board here? We can tell you what goes where if we know what we are dealing with.


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OK for this M'Board a Foxconn P45A

by OH Smeg In reply to Well then where

The IDE Lead goes into the Blue Socket on the Front Side of the M'Board or at least the one facing the front of the computer case. The Power Supply has several leads which can be used to plug in to this Drive to provide Power.

No Other Leads are required. If there are other leads plugged into the Optical Drive unplug them and put them away they are not needed.

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Oops !! Caffiene-Deficiency Error !! - My mistake ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to That sounds about right t ...

I should've waited for that next pot to brew.

Never thought - should've spotted it:-
F_AUDIOCD_IN - I assumed the system needed supplementary audio feed for an already connected IDE. Sorry, I should've asked first. :8} ?

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