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Where do i start?

By korgmeister ·
hi everyone, right now i am desperately seeking any IT related job. i am very passionate in learning new things and interested in computer hardware and security

my qualification is

Certificate III in Information Technology
Certificate in Computer Studies

my skills :

Practical knowledge in assembling/disassembling computer hardware
Troubleshoot computer problem (hardware/software)
Installing Linux, windows or any other x86 platform
Specialized in Web Layout & Visual Designing
Computer related consultation
Fundamental knowledge in computer security
Fundamental knowledge in computer networks

right now i need some advice or feedback which telling where is should go in the future, it is kinda hard to look for the IT job at Australia currently. a lot of company is being outsourced to India so i guess the opportunity is seriously being narrowed down.

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Outsourcing is everywhere my friend

by urbantec92 In reply to Where do i start?

In hopes of landing a job, I would try to get a help-desk level I position possibly in a call center. Maybe start looking at public sector as well as universities (both are less prone to outsourcing). Also, I would try to obtain the Comptia A+ certification.



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Help desk or back room in a small shop

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Where do i start?

With that level of knowledge your best bet is to seek starting level position on the help desk with an organisation like Ipex or TPG; you could try entry level with and organisation like CSC (Computer Science Corp), InTACT (ACT govt IT group), or try getting a job working in the back room of a local small computer shop and do more studies of an evening.

To get anywhere at all in Aust IT toady you really need a diploma of some sort as the employers of jobs are looking for diploma level of knowledge.

Could offer some more practical suggestions if we knew which part of Australia you were in, suggest you update your profile to show your locale. IT opportunities in Canberra are much better than IT opportunities in Katherine NT but you could probably charge more in Katherine.

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thanks for the feedback

by korgmeister In reply to Help desk or back room in ...

wow.. thanks for your reply. i am located at Sydney Metro Area. i do a lot of self-study and i have been using computer for about 6 years, so I am familiar with windows, ms office and some knowledge in networking and security. Mostly I spend my time doing research about Computer Hardware, Security, gadget, technology, technical blog and freelance writing.

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Think about your long term goal

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thanks for the feedback

And then do what you need to reach that. What do you want to be doing in 10 years, 20 years etc. If you are the type that prefers to work for someone else then you need to look for employment with a suitably sized organisation. In Sydney you have additional opportunities via the NSW public service and the Australian public service - Centrelink, Defence, NSw Police, TAFE, local council and other govt depts all use varying levels of IT staff. Some web sites to check are

You could also look at doing time as a military tech person in Defence and get paid to learn more.

Other alternatives are to set up your own business and try and get work from the people who can afford to pay a bit but not a lot. Whilst undertaking studies at TAFE I boosted my AusStudy funding by doing PC repairs for low income earners by charging about 30% of what the shops did per hour and working at their home on evenings and weekends - how successful such is will depend upon the local community and word of mouth as much as your skills.

Few commercial entry level places now but some still around. Some organisations need entry level techs for computer roll outs - try registering with some of the computer head hunter / employment organisations as well.

I believe that Sydney is currently host to rural communities looking to encourage skilled people to move to the bush - look up where they are doing their thing and see if they have any suitable jobs - the local news is that they are actively recruiting at this conference/exhibition thing.

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thanks Ernest

by korgmeister In reply to Think about your long ter ...

WOW... thank you so much for the information Ernest! i really appreciate what you told me. i was thinking it is already hopeless when i cant find a job. i dont know there is still options for me. i have been trying ask several computer shops about hiring PC Technician, but they just ignored me.

in my long term? hm... actually i want to pursue my career in information security field. i know it is a real long journey, since i dont have a degree, there is no way i can take Master of Information Security directly. i also has been searching through all australian university. there is no diploma in information security or degree in information security

anyway... i know there is tons of certification availble for information security. but i just dont have the money. so i guess i have to work hard for several years and then do what i want. thats what on my mind for now.

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Consider Austudy

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thanks Ernest

If you are currently unemployed you may wuish to talk to Centrelink about being a fulltime student on Austudy or Youth Allowance or whatever they call it at your age now. There are a lot of good IT security courses available through TAFE. A few eyars ago I was doing an IT Diploma course at the Canberra Institute of Technology and the teacher doing the Network Security course was one of the top IT security guys in the country, thus people interested in heavy IT security could talk to him re job prospects at his work etc - those are some options that can turn up at TAFE.

Also consider doing course on Intrusion Detection Systems etc and seeking jobs with people managing secure gateways etc.

Of course IT security in the future will be drasticly changing and it will be anyones guess how much of what is used today will be in use in 10 years time. However, the principles and concepts will still be strong if you are able to convert them to the new systems and software etc.

But the bottom line comes down to look around and be prepared to move for a job. At present NSW TAFE is advertising for several IT people in their rural NSW centres, ditto a lot of other organisations to. You could seek entry level employment with organisations like the universities and then do part time degrees courses whilst employed their.

Just remember to think oustside the square and you wont get boxed in.

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i know

by korgmeister In reply to Consider Austudy

i know what you are talking about. but i am an international student. i am in dip ****! thats mean i DO NOT HAVE any referees at the moment. i submitted my cv to a lot of the company. but they wont just hired a person without referees..

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Ups and downs

by Deadly Ernest In reply to i know

The up is that most businesses do not expect students to have referees apart from their teachers' ones, ask the teachers for references. And they can hire them cheap for entry level jobs.

the down is that international students are not supposed to be looking for full time employment, you are supposed to be paying for full time studies. Suggest you hit mum and dad for more money and do the cert IV and the diploma and try for some part-time work through the TAFE employment assistance section (if yours has one).

Sorry I can be of furtehr help to you. Oh almost forgto you could try doing some work for a volunteer organisation and get some references that way.

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Certificate = Degree?

by Peter Choi In reply to Where do i start?

Do you mean degree or diploma?

Starting as a technical support / system administrator / analyst programmer may be a common entrance point

Commercial and financial institutions, mortgage corps, stock broker firms...
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