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Where do I start?

By spoole ·
To make a long story short, I am the IT Department for my company. I have been employed here for 16years and have been working in IT for almost 3years. I have no formal training in the IT field, except for a crash course in NT server and workstation. I have outside sources that help in the crisis situation and have gained a lot of on-the -job experience. I am concerned about the things that are more than likely getting by me due to lack of "knowing" what to look for. I have an NT4 network with around 65 windows clients. I am responsible for PC maintenance, networking, server admin,(we have our own mail server), LAN management, Licenses, purchases,software and Information Mgmt. Basiclly everything that pertains to IT similarities. I would like some good sound advice as to where to start getting some of the basic "need to knows".

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by rnavarro In reply to Where do I start?

I think experience is more valuable than any other thing, but I will add at least one or two software certifications: a Windows 2000, 2000(3) Server and/or a Windows XP certification. A security certification would be also helpful specially at these times.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to Where do I start?

3 years of on-the-job training should have given you a good foundation of knowledge by now. I started the same way as you, back in 1995, when I started this whole IT thing. I was working for a company in a different department, and I managed to transfer into IT.
Anyway, here is what I suggest. The certification route is a good thing to do, but if you don't want to do that, still go and READ the certification books. They are very useful in gaining knowledge, in tying together what you have learned on the job.
The cert books make the on the job experiences make sense in a larger view.
I recommend the Sybex books for this. I used them when I did my MCSE run, and I think they are very good for general knowledge. If you want to take the tests, that is something else. But at least read the books. You can get them from most libraries nowadays, or just pick them up from the bookstore.

hope this helps

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by TheChas In reply to Where do I start?

To add to your knowledge and confidence levels, I recommend the following:

Subscribe to the Tech Republic news-letters that are pertinent to your systems.

Pick up the books from O'Reilly publishing that cover your systems and software.

Sign up for the TechNet Security bulletins from Microsoft's TechNet page.

Sign up for driver alerts from hardware suppliers.

Make sure to read up on security issues. Beyond virus attacks and lost data, the security of your network should be high on your list of concerns.


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