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    where do i start?


    by grosmanb ·

    i am looking to break into the IT field, i have some programming experience from my college days doind dba (focus language) and i would like to do dba stlye work. its been 15 years since i did any real tech stuff.

    what path should i take? should i go back to college and get graduate degree? should i take classes and get oracle cert?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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      First Step

      by jacky ·

      In reply to where do i start?

      Before you spend thousands of dollars on a whole battery of certifications you need to look at your local or surrounding markets and see whats available. All the education in the world can not help if there is no work available in the field(s) of your choosing. You also may want to call several companies and survey the IT managers and find out what they see as a need in their local markets.
      The best company to find is one that promotes from within before they put an ad in the paper for a position. I was able to move from assembly to tech support then to database administrator within 2-3 years all because they looked internally for qualified individuals first not to mention a little initiative on my part.

      Hope this helps

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