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    Where do i start first?


    by kevin203 ·

    I just started my job in a company as an EDP Executive.

    A medium company with no infrastructure diagram and setting documentation.

    So where do i need to start my job first in order to maintain and secure all the server in that company.

    I got the diagram ready and now still struggling on which services i need to start doing maintenance and checking.

    DNS, DHCP, Email, Application, Data or AD


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      Murphy’s Law

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Where do i start first?

      I can only say this. The thing that you decide to address last will be the thing that bites you first. I once took over administration of a VMS cluster used by a group of artists. The previous system administrator had done a very poor job and there were many issues that needed to be addressed when I started supporting this group. One of the idiotic things that the previous system administrator had done was to put the artists’ work repository on the system disk. This was the problem that I had decided to resolve last. One day the users rushed into my office in a panic. The system had stopped working. I didn’t notice because I was using a privileged account. It turned out that someone had filled up the system disk by putting some art into the repository. In VMS when the disk that holds the security records fills up, usually the system disk, then the security auditing software will halt all normal user activity because it cannot write security records to the disk. So I cannot tell you the order to resolve your problems. I can only guarantee that the issue that you decide to resolve last will be the one that causes a problem first.

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      I would start with the firewall

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Where do i start first?

      and work my way back.

      Make sure that it is secure (as you can get it) without any more ports open than HAVE to be.

      Make sure web and e-mail servers are on the DMZ.

      I would then do an audit on the servers looking for trojans or exploits. Do your patches (that are probably a year behind).

      Anti-virus, sure it came on our computers when we bought them three years ago….. Update? doesn’t it just do that on it’s own? (it has been at least two days since I have heard that)


      Then update software and look at resources on your servers. Enough disk space free? CPU maxed? Ram maxed out?

      Then look at getting rid of old hubs and getting managed switches. Look for poorly run or terminated cat5 cables. Look at your routers and switches for collisions and bad packets.

      That will keep you busy for a while.

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        That is in progress

        by kevin203 ·

        In reply to I would start with the firewall

        Thanks for your posting jdclyde,

        Firewall and cabling is part of my outsourcing project. So i put it aside first.

        What you mean “on the DMZ”? Do you mean that i have to install a proxy server?

        My opinion is all i need now is keep the server maintain in term of user usage policy is more important.

        I need to get everything ready before the ERP comes in so i really keen bout the Domain setting and other services although i just have only 2 years experiances but in totally different environment.

        So any other idea that can light on my mind?

        I appreciate your idea… thanks

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      Oh My God!!!!

      by hockeyist ·

      In reply to Where do i start first?

      Do something wrong and it may be the shortest job you have had.
      You need to get in a good consultant for half a day…As an executive you should learn to delegate tasks to specialists. Things should run smoothly if you do…One more thing; make sure they leave professional documentation.
      Do this and you will be seen by your managers as effective.

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