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where do i start

By manntee ·
i am working in system surpport for a banks IT department which basically encompasses all areas of it, security, programming, hardware etc.
now i discover that there is a huge knowledge gap and though the bank has trainning schedules i dont want to wait till then before i start filling those gaps.
my question is with limited time to study really what courses should i take that will give me an exposure to almost all these areas all at once and if there are books could you recommend them?

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Ask yourself

by jafri_zeeshan In reply to where do i start

At first ask yourself what do you like most, each field is different in deapth, therefore, see where your interest lies in, Ask your seniors about the trainings and than start by reading articles ablout those topics handled during trainig.

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Some additional thoughts on getting started

by edwill4500 In reply to where do i start

Jafri's post is definitely on-point in how/where to begin the task.

While you are working on that, I would also offer that an understanding and good grasp for Db concepts is a base requirement. Wherever your I.T. journey happens to take you, a solid grounding in Db concepts-- even if only at a high level to start with, tends to be one of the areas/topics you will encounter over and over again.

One other tool, that tends to help with building a solid IT background, is to have a reasonable grasp/understanding for Project Management. Again, like Db concepts, even if PM does not appear to be a specific area of interest, your value as a solid Project Team Member is greatly enhanced when you are familiar with PM terms, concepts, and best-practices.

Compliments on taking time to look into what some of your next-step items might be. Along those lines, I would also offer that any successful IT related carrier/position is grounded in an appreciation for the fact that IT is a life-long learning process. Good Luck with your efforts!

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What is your current level?

by pilgrain In reply to where do i start

Each response you have received has been excellent. The only real way we can help is to know your current experience level.
How long have you been in the IT industry? What are your current job functions?
I recently hired a new support tech.
He is very sharp and, like you, very eager to learn (good quality). He had been in IT 18 months prior to coming to work for me.
He has great people skills as well as can communicate effectively.
He had little PC or networking knowledge.
He wanted to jump right in on our VOIP phone system! This gave me a "direction" he wanted to go. I praised his enthusiam, but he needs a good foundation.
I started him on a NET+ cert book.
To me, this will start him on a road that can fork into all avenues (security, VOIP, etc.) If you are more interested in hardware, you may want to check out A+ Certs.
Again, I hope I am not offending you. This may seem real basic, but if you are new to IT, these are great foundations to build on.
I hope this was somewhat helpful.

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