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where do you buy your hardware?

By wrw70433 ·
I build PC's for resale. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a profit. Does anyone have suggestions on where to buy hardware at a legitimate discount?

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get out!

by JamesRL In reply to where do you buy your har ...

Back in the late 80s, I was doing the same, and after a while I discovered that the profit was in selling software, not hardware. In big markets with lots of competition you could have a challenge getting a 10% markup.

Today, with companies like Dell being extremely agressive on price, its even more difficult. They can always undercut you and make a profit because they order millions of parts at a time.

The place I see for smaller business these days is buying used PCs, at auctions, lease returns, overstocks etc, and reselling them. A number of firms do that succssfully, even on a shoestring budget.


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The quicker the better

by dafe2 In reply to get out!

There's no money to be made by the vendor & no money to be saved by the customer.

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by Synthetic In reply to where do you buy your har ...

I have been very happy with, despite the fact they are a Texas company, I have never had any issues with the hardware I have purchased there. I would also encourage you to look for local auctions. I know there are some places and groups that auction off recycled/donated machines, usually in lots for very cheap, especially if your in an area that has a large university system, and a couple of large companies (I used to live in Albuquerque, with UNM, Intel, and Phillips, as well as Sandia and Los Alamos National labs, parts where cheap and plentiful). The margin in building can be a bit lower, but I love to build and work around what a client needs. What kinds and classes of hardware are you looking for? I have also found great equipment from, though they tend to be better for complete systems, refurbished, but with full warranty and deep discounts.

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How do I sell my hardware?

by DC_GUY In reply to where do you buy your har ...

I have a couple hundred pounds of old computers and peripherals gathering dust in a shed because the dump charges about ten times as much per pound for this toxic stuff as it does for a lawn bag full of dog waste. We don't live in a large city so there's no place we can just drop it off for scavenging. Any suggestions? I don't really want to sell it, I'd just like to not have to pay fifty bucks to throw it away.

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by ATXStranger In reply to How do I sell my hardware ...

I would see if there is a freecycle group on yahoo for your area. I was able to unload 4 computers and 3 monitors (all at least 4 years old) in about 3 days. You have to join the yahoo group and deal with the email deluge (there are a lot of people trying to give stuff away), but everyone came to my place and picked up the stuff and saved me the problems of disposal.

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Reply to DC_GUY

by kron123 In reply to How do I sell my hardware ...

Actually, i have a way that can make you money!
I am part of a registered charitable org, north american. I make computers out of donations and they go to schoolkids who dont have one at home and never would.
YOu can email me at kron123 (at) cogeco (dot) ca

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New or used

by gralfus In reply to where do you buy your har ...

For new stuff, I go to, but as others have noted, you are competing against Dell and it is hard to beat them *unless* you are doing custom systems. With custom systems, you order high end parts and cases and make "dream machines". I just finished one in a few hours and the customer was quite happy. It had the latest everything.

I had a roommate that bought pallets of old PCs for about $15 from the university, made them work again and then sold them at an enormous profit to people that had never owned a PC. It would allow them to get to email and basic internet for a few hundred bucks. Then when they wanted a faster machine (invariably), they came back to him because of his customer service ability. He did this for a living, so it can be done.

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expensive vs cheap

by Prana7 In reply to New or used

I like or or they are great tools to buy. depend on your budget.

dell is popular and aggresive. make good price/deal with customers. i have dell laptop which is good so far.

want your pc out asap. go to

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where to look

by jck In reply to where do you buy your har ...

For new stuff, there are search engines like:

That's a good start.

If you want reputable shops with good prices. Yeah, is great for me. Their price is not always the best, but you pay a bit more and get FedEx 2-3 day shipping for little or no cost on most items (usually $5 or under on things I've bought). Other places I've dealt with:

ABS (for full computer systems)

hope that helps

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by wrw70433 In reply to where to look

I do build custom PC's as well as basic machines. I'm thinking of doing something totally different though. I'm just getting tired of having to go to so many different places to try and get parts at a low enough price to make it profitable. I sell basic machines on ebay also, but the profit is becoming slim. I was hoping someone knew of a good wholesaler where I can buy everything at one place. I am probably going to shift more to the service side though since the money in hardware seems to be dwindling.

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