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where do you get the bulk of your IT knowledge from?

By itsmeman1 ·
I'm just curious because I use google for impulsive searching on technology information I need 'right now', and frankly its stressful to do that.

I'm curious how do you all stay on top of technology?


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This place, mostly.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

I use it as a springboard for further research on topics discussed here that may prove useful in my job. Subscriptions to eWeek and PC World (free or reduced rates for professionals) also help. If there's a specific piece of information I need, I usually Google it. Then I curse myself when I mistakenly click on 'Experts Exchange' links.

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Experts Exchange

by mamies In reply to This place, mostly.

According to the description it gives google, it knows the answer. The only problem is that it wont tell me

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Here at TR

by NickNielsen In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

Since I'm a service tech, I also frequent <a href=>Tom's Hardware</a>, <a href=>TechNibble</a>, the <a href=>Windows Secrets Lounge</a>, and some others.

Google has helped on occasion.


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by santeewelding In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

I agree. Learning one thing at a time is no way to do it.

Here, at TR, you get the whole of it, shoved, at times.

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Never claimed to.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

It's too big, so changes too often. You either specialise, in which case you might be on top of a small part, or you don't in which case you have a a general picture with a some to many pieces missing.

The trick is to admit your ignorance and hve a look about on those rare opportunities where you might get t do something new.

Anyone tells me they are on top, I figure they are lying, or just hadn't realised they were out of date, again...

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reply post

by itsmeman1 In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

thanks for the replies.

I started off with computers when I was mid teens. I ran with it to make a living.

I never received a formal education or job training for computers. I never specialized in any specific area of knowledge. For the most part, I tried to be a jack of all trades when I first started back when the tech boom was going on. Growing up with that, I think I kept that same mentality through it, trying to be everything to everyone.

In the process though I realize how tanked my credibility is having only bits of knowledge scattered everywhere.

I really enjoy this site.

I found it apart of my career research.

Sites I have used in the past specifically have been In other research I have went straight to the vendor Cisco or Microsoft. When it comes to open source, I think the documentation is a lot better, and the resources are way better.

Thanks for the replies.

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Here mostly...Also MSDN, Tomshardware, and

by jmgarvin In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

I'm a generalist and I always have gaps to fill. I may know what to do, but I might not have the know how to actually do it.

The prime example is the other day I'd gone stupid and couldn't get my login script to work. I haven't written a login script for like 5 years, so I poke around google for a bit, realize I forgot to use ' and like a charm. If I was a Windows specialist, I'd have known that off the bat, but I'm I gotta find it.

With that being said, you need to decide if you are going to specialize or stay general. If you stay general, you need to have VERY broad knowledge, which is tough and it means you can't dismiss technology out of hand.

If you go down the specialist road, you are going to lose the ability to have broad knowledge because you HAVE to be the master of your field.

In IT there is room for both, but you gotta find your niche.

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by DHCDBD In reply to where do you get the bulk ...

Here, Ars Technica, Slashdot <s>Pirate Bay</s> err... Google, Toms Hardware,, Packet Storm, Security Focus, and of course comic books.

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self-taught ~nt~

by jck In reply to where do you get the bulk ...
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Yeah, but how do you teach yourself?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to self-taught ~nt~

Books? Web searches?

Or can you just put your hands on the hardware and absorb the knowledge by osmosis?

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